Grandmother Bucky’s Potato Salad


  • Lawry’s seasoning salt (to taste, we like a lot of this!)
  • 6 large, peeled and boiled potatoes
    6 hard boiled eggs
    2 celery stalks (including the leafy parts)
    1 bunch of scallions
    8 thinly sliced radishes
    1 scant dollop Hellman’s mayonnaise (amount can vary according to taste, we’re not big mayo fans in my family so we never used much –  I think the word “scant” would apply here)


    Basically all of this is chopped into small pieces, the mayo and Lawry’s salt are added and then it’s refrigerated.  If you have the time, boil the eggs and potatoes the day before because they are easier to chop when they are cold. I actually chop the egg whites and crumble the yolks – the overall effect is a bit like egg salad. Small, neat pieces are key (along with the Hellman’s mayonnaise and the Lawry’s salt) and the note in our “Family Cookbook” reminds us to “visualize the potato salad from the past” when making this

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