January 25, 2011

Vote for Kelsey in the Tyson Chicken Sandwich Challenge!

Here is a great video I did for the Tyson Chicken Sandwich Challenge. I submitted my recipe for the Cooperstown Club Sandwich, a recipe inspired by the local ingredients in my hometown! Please visit this site and vote on the right hand side bar!

The best part about voting for this sandwich is that, if I win this contest, Tyson will donate $5,000 to my charity of choice which is my friend Jen’s charity Socks-n-Undies Sunday. Jen and I met when our children were just 4 months old and we’ve been friends ever since. She and her mother started this charity which collects, you guessed it, socks, underpants, undershirts and pajamas for the homeless. It is all about the providing the most very basic necessities in life for those who need it most. She spends a lot of time forming relationships with homeless shelters, non-profits and faith-based organizations and ensuring that every garment donated is swiftly distributed to those in need. I took my daughter shopping for our Christmas donation last year and she picked out Princess socks for a little girl. A little girl who might not have had any socks at all if we hadn’t stopped in to TJMaxx to buy a few pairs. Just imagine how many garments the Tyson chicken donation could purchase!