September 10, 2011

Blueberry Recipe Judging with Sara Moulton & The Blueberry Council

Earlier this week I spent some time with members of The Blueberry Council, Sara Moulton and Adeena Sussman judging the finalists for the Blogger Blueberry Recipe contest. The three of us spent at fun two hours tasting three savory blueberry recipes and three sweet blueberry recipes. While I can’t reveal the order of the winners, I can tell you that all the recipes ROCKED! We all loved the variety of innovative dishes that showcased the little blue dynamos in such unique ways.


OMG, these were sooo good!

Stay tuned to learn more about the winners of the contest and prepare yourself by buying at least two pints of blueberries. You are totally going to want to make a few of these the minute you see how scrumptious they are!