November 14, 2011

Have a Magnolia Bakery Thanksgiving {Naptime on the Road}

Apple Crumb Pie

I make it no secret that I am a huge fan of Magnolia Bakery. Not very long ago I lived, literally, right around the corner from the UWS location. It was a very dangerous time. I used to walk at least five times around the block before purchasing a cupcake, then walked around several more times after eating it. It was always worth it. As luck would have it, last week my friend Nicole and I went to delicious Thanksgiving dessert tasting at that very store to sample some of the amazing desserts they are offering this Thanksgiving season.

Snickerdoodle cupcakes

Did you know that Magnolia features a new cupcake every month? November’s featured flavor is Snickerdoodle and let me tell you it is AMAZING! It tastes just like a snickerdoodle, only in cupcake form. Do not miss this. We also had the luxury of tasty their Black-Bottomed Pecan Pie, Apple Crumb Pie, Pumpkin Whoopie Pies and Classic Pumpkin Pie. Each dessert carried the Magnolia signature of truly classic flavors paired with traditional presentation. These are the pies you want, you expect, at your Thanksgiving table. And, you actually can have them if you order them by calling Magnolia this week. They deliver all over the NYC area. Want a different dessert from pie, no problem, check out their menu:

Thanksgiving Menu

I will also let you know that a little birdy told me that Magnolia will soon be able ship their cupcakes. Woo-hool! Stay tuned for that good news…

* The tasting was sponsored by Magnolia Bakery but the opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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