March 1, 2012

4 Things to Make with Rotisserie Chicken {Naptime Simple Tips}

I am finally emerging from jetlag fog and am getting back into my usual cooking routine. Earlier this week I mined the freezer for a few favorites and even picked up an old standby at the store: a rotisserie chicken. Every so often I pick up a rotisserie and put it to work for dinner. There are so many uses for a basic rotisserie chicken and here are a few of my favorites. Don’t worry, next week I’ll have some new recipes!


1) Chicken Enchiladas: With a rotisserie chicken your filling is already set. Simply roll up your chicken, add some sauce and bake!

Taco Tales

2) Lisa’s Chicken Tacos:  A chicken taco with all the toppings is always a satisfying meal and having the chicken already cooking means you just have to wrap up and serve.

Mexican Lasagna

3) Uncle Will’s Mexican Lasagna: This awesome lasagna is always a satisfying meal.

Chinese Chicken Salad

4) Chinese Chicken Salad: A chicken salad can go a long way in our house. I often use it for an easy dinner sandwich, a quick lunch or a snack.

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