April 17, 2012

Eating Seafood in Thailand: Part #1 {Naptime on the Road}


I am so excited to share the first of many blog posts from my trip to Thailand with Sea Cuisine. I hope you all enjoy reading about my seafood eating adventures as much as I enjoyed the trip!

We first glimpsed Bangkok at night as our car inched through thick late night traffic to the hotel. The streets were alive with locals doing their daily shopping at the dozens of night markets for food and clothes, endlessly bargaining for a better deal on this or that. Despite the steamy night heat the atmosphere was vibrant, intense, and cheerful. Down narrow streets people stood next to stalls eating small healthy meals: steaming bowls of noodles with shrimp, skewers of fish balls with chili sauce, and bags of fresh chilled pineapple. They spoke with each other as they ate, presumably catching up on the day. If we hadn’t been so totally exhausted from the plane ride we might have jumped out for a quick snack ourselves. With all bowls of fresh noodles and freshly roasted fish staring us in the face we could hardly wait for our Thai seafood quest to begin. Read Full Post on The Seafood Spot…

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