June 13, 2012

Essential Kitchen Garden Gear {Naptime Simple Tips}

On the heals of last week’s Kitchen Gadgets post I am bringing you a round-up of my favorite items for the kitchen garden. When I say kitchen garden I am talking about a simple container garden of assorted herbs and maybe a few small tomato plants that thrives on nearly any porch or shady fire escape. Not the lush English-style garden that requires much more gear than this to maintain. For example, a kitchen garden does not require a lawnmower, wheelbarrow, or electric clippers (thank goodness!) It only requires a few basic necessities to thrive. With these items on hand you are all set to grow herbs and enjoy cooking them with them all season (or year) long!

Essential Kitchen Garden Gear Naptime Chef1. Buy an already thriving plant for your local nursery or garden store.

2. Then, pick up a basic set of small gardening tools. These are all you need for digging holes in the dirt, taking out any weeds and trimming small plants.

3. Don your bamboo gardening gloves to protect those nails!

4. Fill up the watering can and prepare to plant.

5. Transplant your plant from the plastic container to a gorgeous pot with a hole in the bottom for water drainage. I love these Wolff pots from a local potter in Connecticut!

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