March 18, 2013

The Two Month Mark & Early Spring Favorites of 2013

Naptime Chef Favorites

It is hard to believe that my little guy is already two months old. I can now officially say things like “where did the time go?” and “boy, time flies with kids.” I’ll admit, I can hardly remember late January and early February. Many thanks for your patience while I dealt with severe sleep deprivation and adjusting to life with an infant. It was not easy! I know a bunch of my posts were late getting up and there were quite a few typos. Hopefully those days are behind us. You’ve probably also noticed that I have taken on some sponsors this year. They help me keep this site running and I appreciate your support of these posts. I would never agree to a project I didn’t believe in sharing with you!

Luckily, my baby is a great eater and sleeper and spring is shaping up to be more restful. I am glad because I have a book to write (!) I have already started naptime cooking a little bit and will be doing it more and more as our schedule straightens out. In the mean time, here are some of my favorite things from around the web lately. A lot of these I’ve found during my 2am feedings. Turns out that is a good time to surf the internet!

– This week I made these dye baths and dyed Easter eggs with my daughter and her friend.

– Quite possibly the funniest thing on the internet. It is even funnier when you are overtired and watch it at 3am.

– My site is verified on Pinterest. Yay!

Olive Juice spring dresses are perfection as always.

– I want to take my kids to Ireland.

– I love unique jewelry.

– A new brewery in our nabe!

– Longing to wear my favorite summer staples once my waist comes back.

– I am happy for Jennie.