April 28, 2014

Spring Garden Update

The Naptime Chef Garden Update

Last fall we started at square one with the garden in our new house. It will take us several years to get it up to speed with fully planted garden beds, mature plants, and lots of color. This year is essentially a big experiment. I’ve done a lot of research on what grows well in our zone (6) but there is still no guarantee. We are starting slowly to see what will work and hoping for the best. Once I get through on full growing cycle I’ll have a much better baseline for drawing up long term plans. I’ve also been observing what is popping up now that spring has (finally!) sprung. Here it is so far if you’d like to see…Last fall my Dad planted over 100 daffodils in front of our house. They are just starting to bloom and look so pretty! (top photo)

The Naptime Chef Garden Update4

We transplanted lots of hosta from a sunny side lot to the shady side of the house. Just this week little green shoots starting poking up through the fresh mulch. They’ll become a lovely green border by late spring.

The Naptime Chef Garden Update

I scored some gorgeous rose bushes at a plant sale last fall. I was a little worried that I planted them too late and they wouldn’t survive the winter, but they did. I can’t wait until they are filled with pink blossoms.

The Naptime Chef Garden Update6

My husband and brother built me a fabulous 8×4 raised garden bed. We are days away from filling it with planting soil. I have my rhubarb root and strawberry plants all set to go. I’ll also be adding lots more vegetables and will be sharing their progress with you all summer long.

The Naptime Chef Garden Update

My daughter spotted renunculas at our local nursery and begged me to plant some. I love them too, but have never grown them myself. Thankfully, they appear to be thriving after just a few weeks in the ground.

The Naptime Chef Garden Update

These are my favorite surprise so far – muscari! They have the most beautiful deep purple blooms.

The Naptime Chef Garden Update

In the front of the house I am experimenting with lavender. I hope it grows into a fragrant, lush purple border within the next few years. When it does I might be able to dry it and make sachets as gifts. Lavender also attracts birds and butterflies which I think are always a welcome addition to any garden.

In the next couple of weeks I’m going to plant my vegetable garden, window boxes, and herb pots. I also hope we see a bloom or two on our new lilacs and hydrangeas. That may just be wishful thinking for year one, but we can hope! I’ve also made a note to plant some tulips, crocuses, and hyacinths next fall. They’d be a welcome addition to the early spring garden next year.

Are you getting your garden ready?

ps – We had so much fun making maple syrup!

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