July 30, 2014

Hello, TODAY Show!

Setting Up in the Today Show

In case you’ve been missing all my announcements, or if you are new the site, I just thought I’d mention one last time that you can catch me on The TODAY Show on NBC this morning, July 30th, around 9:45am. Yay! I am so excited for my first (and hopefully not last) segment cooking on TODAY. In this case I’ll be no-cooking since the whole segment is on no-cook meal ideas for summer.

In the mean time, here are a few more notes on me and my site so we can get better acquainted:

{one} I send out an awesome, and brief, weekly newsletter and you can sign up for it immediately to the right. I never sell addresses so I promise you won’t get spam. Enjoy!

{tw0} I am a recent convert to Instagram and you can follow me here.

{three} I’ve been on Facebook since the beginning of time 2009 and here is my page to subscribe to.

{four} You can always tweet with me on Twitter.

{five} You can find lots of my work on Babble, Momtastic, and Lifetime Moms. I write for all of these outlets every month and love reaching all of you through them!

{six} My first book, The Naptime Chef, is still for sale on Amazon. My next book, The Family Calendar Cookbook: From Birthday to Bake Sales Good Food to Carry You Through the Year, will come out next March and is available for pre-order. Cover to come soon!

{seven} Last spring I started working with Arla Dofino Cheese as their national spokesperson. I love their naturally delicious cheeses and you can read more about my work with them here.

{eight} If you want to work with me or read more about me check out the menu bar on the upper right!

I hope to keep seeing you around these parts. Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions!