August 26, 2014

Fall Refresher: Kitchen Safety

Every fall I spent a little time freshening up my kitchen. I get rid bits and pieces of food left over from summer, dump out the last bites of jam from jars, refill the maple syrup pitcher, and give my pots and pans a good scrubbing. I also pull out a fresh roster of recipes to make with my daughter since she loves to help me in the kitchen these days. She is learning her way around a recipe slowly and surely and I want to encourage her as much as I can. However, before we dive into a new round of food I like to review a few kitchen first aid with her to make sure we are on the right track.

Band Aids

Since she has started handling knives while being supervised I always have Band-Aids on hand. So far she’s only had one little nick from the carrot peeler and it healed in a couple of days. She knows that she is only supposed to handle a knife when I supervise and we work on our cutting skills together.


Neosporin is always good to have available. It doesn’t sting when it is applied and I’ve used it on myself for the occasional cut as well. We always wash and dry a wound before applying it. It speeds healing and works like a charm.

to go

We are still harvesting vegetables from our garden and my daughter and I both catch the occasional thorn with our hands. That is where this handy spray neosporin comes in. I even keep it in my purse for days at the farmstand or when we are strawberry picking and we get little scrapes on our fingers. It is so convenient and I never worry about infection when I have it at the ready.


The last thing, and this isn’t so much a safety tip as it is for my own comfort, is Bengay for sore muscles. I know it is a little dramatic, but sometimes my lower back gets sore at the end of the day. It is from standing on the hard tile floor for hours on end. The Bengay helps soothe away the soreness and the scent reminds me a little bit of my days playing soccer in high school. Ha! I feel so old now that I use it for regular activities like cooking.

all first aid

Have fun cooking with your kids this fall and remember to be safe!

(Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Band-Aid. The photographs and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that make The Naptime Chef possible.)

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