November 18, 2014

Simple Tips: How to Host Lasagna Night

Last weekend some dear friends came to visit and we had a fun, easy (keyword: easy) lasagna night at home. Casual entertaining is my favorite, especially when it is cold outside. We make cheesy comfort food, light a fire, and serve lots of good red wine. The mood is casual and comfy. All we do is chat for hours on end while keeping one ear on the kids playing upstairs. Here is how we go about hosting lasagna night if you’d like to see:

Lasagna Night

I choose a lasagna recipe based on our guests. For our omnivorous friends I make a meaty lasagna from my cookbook. For the vegetarians, I make our tried and true artichoke lasagna. (I find that anything heavy on the vegetables with lots of sticky bechamel sauce is always a hit.) If the party is big I’ll make one tray of each!

Lasagna Night Bread

Lasagna is a meal in itself so the sides don’t need to be overdone. I like to serve salad and soft, warm bread. If I don’t do salad I’ll make a quick bowl of green beans and almonds. Keep it simple! (Tip: To warm the bread to just the right temperature, wrap it in aluminum foil and set it in the oven after you’ve removed the baked lasagna. Turn the oven off and let the bread slowly warm as the oven cools.)

Wine on Lasagna night

Wine is a must! We always serve both red and white, but I prefer red when it is dark and cold and there is a heaping plate of cheesy goodness in front of you. I also have good beer on hand because sometimes that is just what fits the mood.

Cheesecake on Lasagna Night

Lasagna night is not a time to worry about calories so a decadent dessert is always part of the menu. Last weekend I made cheesecake since my Dad was in town and it is his favorite. Brownies or a double chocolate espresso cookies would’ve also been delicious. At the end of the night the clean-up is pretty easy. Wrap the lasagna for leftovers the next day, plates in the dishwasher, and off to bed!