May 13, 2015

Paris with Kids Recommendations

Paris with Children

This spring I am making for my winter cooped up indoors with some terrific travel opportunities. I feel so lucky and grateful! Last month was Napa Valley, this month I am heading to Paris. The last time I was in Paris I was a 15 year old backpacker with a taste for pain au chocolat. This time I am going with my mother and daughter on a girls trip. I can’t wait! I’ve already chatted with my friend Ellise and plan to meet up with her. And, I have this awesome book that covers nearly everything I need to know, but I’d still love to hear from you. Any recommendations for things I need to see and/or do with Paris with my daughter? She is wrapping up the first grade and loves things like playgrounds, bright, bold paintings, design, chocolate, toys, nature, animals, and adventure walks. I already set aside one of my old point and shoot cameras for her to use as her own. Please, let me know!

Paris en Famille

I picked up this gorgeous map and have studied it thoroughly.

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