September 26, 2016

Everyday Breakfast: Bacon & Bagels

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tyson Foods, Inc. All opinions are entirely my own. #sponsored #ad

We are back in the school routine full swing, and I am back to making breakfast, or helping my kids make their own breakfast, every morning. We keep it simple around here with cereals, overnight baked goods, bagels and, always, bacon. I usually bake it or fry it up in the skillet while bagels are toasting. Sometimes I chop it up and fold it into an omelet, and other times I just serve it up on a plate for everyone to grab. It disappears in .2 seconds my family loves it so much!

Bacon & Bagels | The Naptime Chef The trick to making good bacon everyone will eat is buying the good stuff to start with. When I shop for bacon I make sure I buy the bacon that isn’t too fatty or it will shrivel right up when I cook it. I look for a thick cut and a rich color. There is nothing worse than thin bacon with no flavor! I also choose bacon that is thick enough that it will work well in other dishes in addition to our favorite breakfasts. I like it to have some good bite and texture so the flavor stands out and doesn’t get lost in a dish. This is why I really snap up Wright® Brand Bacon whenever I am at Stop & Shop, our store down the street. It is hand-selected and hand-trimmed and is made with the best premium cuts of meat.

Bacon & Bagels | The Naptime Chef

I like that it is thickly sliced which makes it ideal for everything from breakfast to BLT’s at lunch to scattering over salad at dinner. My children have also come to enjoy breakfast sandwiches. Sometimes, to save time, I’ll cook extra bacon and keep half in the fridge in a sealed bag. Then I can make them a bacon, egg, and cheese on an English muffin whenever they want. It works well for any meal and is even a good snack after school.

Here are our favorites ways to eat it:

– Served alongside bagels at breakfast.

– Folded into omelets and served with toast.

– Served on top of fried egg and cheese on a muffin as a sandwich.

– Layered with tomatoes, lettuce and mayo for the ultimate sandwich.

– Chopped in bite-size pieces and served in salad or pasta!

I typically buy the Hickory Smoked flavor because it is our favorite, but they also offer Applewood Smoked, Oak Barrel Smoked, Smoked Brown Sugar, and even Bourbon Barrel Smoked. All of them are delicious and would be great options to add to your breakfast line-up. Do you already have a favorite flavor? If so, come cast your vote on their website.

Bacon & Bagels | The Naptime Chef The best part about cooking with high quality bacon is that everything you make will automatically taste incredible. I’ve even been known to brush bacon with a little maple syrup and bake it to make candied bacon. It is a delicious nibble at a cocktail party or to eat for a salty-sweet dessert. If you haven’t tried it yet, you simply must. You’ll soon see that it’s Bacon The Wright Way™, and your whole family will love it!

Bacon & Bagels | The Naptime Chef DSC_2190

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