May 18, 2018

The Little Snack Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I’ve had the best time writing for you since January 2009. I could never have predicted the amazing journey The Naptime Chef has been. Between two cookbooks, one new baby, and three separate kitchens life has been a fun, frantic, mysterious whirlwind and now it has brought me here. The Naptime Chef will be continuing, so don’t panic, but I’ve been working on a couple pet projects for a long time and now I am excited to share them with the world.

The first is The Little Snack Newsletter. I have a wonderful mailing list of readers and sending them only my own blog content doesn’t feel like enough anymore. So, I am starting this lifestyle newsletter for women 35+ that centers around food & wine, design, and travel. If you already subscribe to my newsletter you will get it. If you don’t, please sign up on the sidebar. There is a Cookbook Club and everything!

Update: I’ll be sharing links to the newsletters on this blog as they roll out so be sure to check here for newsletter content, too!

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