September 19, 2018

Slow Down to Speed Up

One of things I’d like to talk about more in this space is the how we all cope with pace of life, specifically motherhood/work/household management. This is not a unique topic, and I’m certainly not the first one to write about it. So instead of re-hashing all the issues and politics, I’m just going to share my point of view. Take from it what you can, I know this applies to us all in unique ways and I hope you can find some benefits here no matter your situation.

Slow Down to Speed Up | The Naptime Chef

“Slow down to speed up” is a concept I was introduced to last year when I was totally burnt out. I was exhausted and frustrated with my work. I wanted to grind harder, read more, write more, and just put more time and energy into this blog and newsletter. But the end of the day would come and after the kids fell asleep I was too exhausted to do much. I tried so many things and I simply couldn’t pull myself out of the slump!

That’s when I was reading a great book by Gabby Bernstein and realized I really needed to slow down. When you slow down the universe/spirit/God/source can work through you to help you heal your body and exhaustion. You end up bouncing back reinvigorated, more thoughtful, more strategic, and genuinely more efficient in everything you do. Nobody can run full tilt 24/7! We need sleep, rest, connectivity with friends, time to dream, time to devote to hobbies, just plain unscheduled time for hanging out and doing nothing. It all makes a difference.

A newer buzz term for this is “self-care,” though I think it is getting misused a little bit. Slowing down/self-care doesn’t mean expensive spa treatments, pricey spiritual retreats, or similar. Slowing down can be as simple as:

  • A cup of tea with a friend.
  • Sitting somewhere comfortable and reading the paper/a magazine/a good book.
  • Taking a quiet walk.
  • Meditating.
  • Chatting with your bestie.
  • Writing a card by hand and mailing it to someone.
  • Taking a long, hot bath.
  • Journaling about a joyful story or moment that day.

As you can see, this list is full of easy, mostly free, activities. Because taking yourself everyday shouldn’t cost anything.

However, there are days when you might feel like splurging and that is where a fun health treatment might come into play. Those might include acupuncture, a massage, or a lovely calm meditation class. There are many options out there, especially if you are lucky enough to live in an area where there are massage practitioners, spas, and wellness centers readily available.

No matter what you do, when you slow down and take of yourself I promise you’ll find yourself speeding up more in other areas of your life. When you see the benefits you’ll start to make a regular part of routine and life will become more relaxed, more joyful, and satisfying.

Be well. xxK

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