April 4, 2019

Spring Cookbook Chat with Kelsey!

Hello! I’ve been popping into The Naptime Chef Facebook page a lot recently to say Hi in person. This is all new to me because Facebook LIVE didn’t exist when I first started this page way back when. I know, I know, I sound super old when I say that. Anyway, I really just love the more personal interaction with all of you. I’ve been having fun getting into video again and this is a great way to do it without being crazy formal!

So, today I stopped in to talk about the cookbooks I’m currently drawing inspiration from. I always find this time of year a little tricky since it’s cold once day, and quite warm the next. I mean, what’s a cook to do? In the end I usually employ my VERY unscientific method of selecting books by scanning my ROYGBIV bookshelves and pulling the books that speak to me at that moment.

I really focus on the ones that contain the healthy/hearty fare. I’m not quite ready for gazpacho and grilled shrimp yet! At this point in the year a good salad, a pan of roast chicken, and a chilled glass of rosé sounds perfect. I also happen to me semi-training for my first half-marathon on June 2nd. I have got to get on the stick about that, and that includes eating nourishing foods while I train.

Here are the books I selected above. I highly recommend them if you are looking for some new seasonal inspiration!

Food52: A New Way to Dinner : This awesome playbook-style cookbook is lovely to read and the recipes are spot on. It truly provides ALL the tips in tricks for getting one grocery haul and making it into several delicious meals over the course of the week. I also love that the chapters are organized by season. 

Food52 Mighty Salads: As I hinted, I am not a giant salad-for-dinner person. BUT, I will eat them when they are on the heartier side. Need ideas for early spring salad-like meals? Look no further!

Bread Toast Crumbs by Alexandra Stafford: This is way more than just a bread baking cookbook. It contains the BEST recipes for meals, sandwiches, and more that contain anywhere from a hint of bread, to being the main feature. This is truly one of the best cookbooks on my shelf!

My Paris Kitchen by David Lebovitz: I adore French country cooking and I basically selected this book off the shelf because I want to make the dish on the cover. I love that with cookbooks you can always judge them by their covers!

The Pollan Family Table: I’ve loved this book for many years, and they just came out with a new one. I can’t wait to try it. In the mean time, I’ve been eyeing a Thai Cod recipe in this one I can’t wait to finally make. 

The New England Open-House Cookbook by Sarah Leah Chase: This is an amazing book that definitely leans a little more toward the summery side. I’m partial to her rhubarb recipes and her salads. Also, a crab cake in spring always works!

It’s All Easy by Gwyneth Paltrow: Gwyneth’s cookbooks are wonderful and this is my favorite after My Father’s Daughter. The recipes cookbook up quickly and easily and are delicious. I cook from it a lot in the warmer months, which means it’s time for a fresh Cooking with Gwyneth series!

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