August 4, 2009

Napping in Sag Harbor {Naptime on the Road}

My friend Katie moved to San Francisco in January. She used to live five blocks from me in New York, but now she lives five hours away. I would usually be sad about this scenario, however, I’ve been seeing a lot of Katie lately. She and her family spend their summers at their home in Sag Harbor this summer, which is where I have been going to beat the heat.

Katie is a foodie and accomplished cook and, since she is an avid Naptime Chef reader, she correctly predicted that I would be writing a travel post to share with you. Weeks prior to my arrival she started sending me notes on places to visit, and explore we did. We traveled high and low all over Sag Harbor and I have loads of great information to share. If you haven’t planned your Sag Harbor trip this summer I highly recommend you make the time, it is a terrific getaway.

Naptime’s Sag Harbor Favorites (in no particular order):

1) American Legion: Dockside: It seems strange that the American Legion would have one of the best spots to eat in the Hamptons, but they do. Katie whisked us off to lunch within moments of our arrival and I am glad she did. The fish tacos are absolutely amazing, the best on the East Coast. I also loved the crab stuffed zucchini blossom and plan to test out a recipe of my own. It is also worth noting the beautiful view, you eat overlooking the harbor.

2) Cavaniola’s Cheese Shop: You know I love good cheeses and this shop is definitely the best of the best. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, plus they have a great selection of gourmet foods. When I told them we liked sharp cheddar they sent me home with one of the best slices of authentic English cheddar I think I’ve ever had. They also have an excellent wine shop and prepared food store one door down.

3) Cromer’s Market: From the outside Cromer’s looks like a dingy market you only run to during emergencies. But, on the inside is one of the best butchers in the Hamptons. I was impressed with their selection of grass fed beef and humanely raised pork products. This is a great place to stock up for cookouts.

4) North Sea Farm: Once I was at this farm I realized why it looked familiar, Ina shops here, too. It is an obvious choice for anyone who appreciates farm to fork food, the chickens wander freely in and out of their coop. Then end up for sale at the poultry counter, without their feathers. The eggs have gorgeous orange yolks, and the fresh produce is swoon-worthy. My particular favorite was the cool lettuce “wheel” (pictured below) that you rotate to select your desired variety.

5) Schiavoni’s: Traveling with children means several trips to the grocery store, and this one is well stocked. They have a great meat counter, selection of cereals and foods for families. They also have the most amazing homemade guacamole available in the cooler section. Get there early though, it always sells out by the end of the day.

6) Amber Bakery: This humble bakery opposite the Sag Harbor Post Office is the destination for cookies, cakes and scones. I adored their chocolate chip cookies and noted that it would also be a great visit for a bride. Their wedding cake display was gorgeous.

7) Sag Harbor Farmers’ Market (Saturdays): Part of the fun of exploring farmers’ markets is discovering vegetables and flavors that are new to me. I just loved these bunches of multicolored vegetables (pictured below), as well as the fantastic selection of tiny tomatoes. Needless to say, dinner was not difficult that evening.

8) Round Swamp Farm: It seems awfully strange to go to a farm for mexican dip, but I promised to introduce you to interesting food finds, and this is one of them. For some reason this farm specializes in a dips and I haven’t tasted anything as amazing as this one. It is layers of salsa, cheese and guacamole baked in a puff pastry. Nothing short of heavenly, delicious with fresh chips and a margherita.

9) Espresso: Katie is as addicted to coffee as I am to tea, which is why we hit Espresso daily. We also went several times for lunch, their sandwiches, pizzas and salads are Italian delicacies and perfect for taking to the beach.

10) Tiger Spud Potato Chips: It is unusual that I champion a brand, but I will root for these chips. They are made locally by a farm (the Hamptons were once famous for potato crops), and are the most flavorful chips I have ever tasted. And, trust me, I have tasted a lot. A national distributor needs to snap this brand up right away, anyone I know would happily toss all other sub-par brands for a bag of Tiger Spuds.

2 Responses to “Napping in Sag Harbor {Naptime on the Road}”

  1. Chow and Chatter says:

    yummy, love it esp the English Cheese lol

  2. Chow and Chatter says:

    yummy, love it esp the English Cheese lol