March 14, 2011

Lisa Birnbach’s True Prep Signing at JMcLaughlin Westport!

I’m stopping in today with a fun little ditty about the True Prep book signing with Lisa Birnbach at JMcLaughlin Westport last week. I whipped up some fun goodies for everyone to enjoy and we had a great time! Check out my friend Jessica’s article about the event on her blog The Entertaining House, and my friend Melissa wrote a great summary of it on her blog Melissa C. Morris. We all had a very fun, very preppy time shopping the JMcLaughlin wares, sipping white wine and nibbling the Marion Cunnigham brownies recipe that is in the actual True Prep book (omg, they are so good!). Be sure to stop by and enjoy JMcLaughlin this spring, the clothes are fabulous and the company is even better!

One Response to “Lisa Birnbach’s True Prep Signing at JMcLaughlin Westport!”

  1. Jessica says:

    Um, yeah… page 165… got it flagged baby! 😉
    Thanks for the link! XO J.