April 20, 2011

Folgers Best Part of Wakin’ Up!

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Start the morning right!

With a toddler there is no sleeping in. My day begins bright and early at sunrise no matter how many light-blocking shades we install in her room. Luckily, I am a bit of a morning person so I don’t mind waking up early as long as I’ve gotten a decent night of sleep. When we wake up I try to focus on a good healthy breakfast and a nice dose of caffeine for me to get the day started.

Since breakfast is always our first priority in the morning my husband focuses on the coffee maker while I whip up whatever hot meal we are going to have. I know it is extra effort, but it makes such a difference to kick off the day with oatmeal, eggs, waffles or pancakes. They pair so well with juice and coffee and I firmly believe that a solid meal starts off the day right.

Once our breakfast plates are wiped clean and our coffee mugs are empty we kick off the rest of our daily routine. Work for my husband, the gym for me and my daughter. Then, she is off to school and I am back home to work. I’ve tried to start our morning routine many times without our normal breakfast and it simply doesn’t work.

Folgers wants all families to start the day off right with a solid breakfast and a great cup of coffee which is why I am so excited to be helping them spread the word about their Folgers Jingle Contest. To view the entries share your opinion go visit the “Best Part of Wakin’ Up Contest” site and check out the entrants. Best of all, when you vote you could win a some great daily prizes! For rules about voting be sure to check out the rules section. Then come back here and tell us which is the best in your book! I can’t wait to see what everyone thinks!

For more great articles about Folgers be sure to check out this great round-up on BlogHer. In the mean time, happy breakfast!