October 25, 2011

BOO! Mummy’s Rummy Milkshakes {Powernap}

milkshake This is the latest installment of my Powernap column. The series where I share quick, easy food that can be made for all kinds of situations. Powernaps are short and sweet, and so are these recipes. These are the things I make in a jiffy when I need a quick snack, am in the mood for a recipe experiment, or simply need to clean out the pantry.

Today’s Powernap: I need to develop a delicious fall cocktail for a friend’s upcoming birthday party. Given the fall mood, and her known love for White Russians, I want to make something smooth and a tad sweet with a truly spooky appeal to match the season.

I am not really much of a heavy cocktail person. If and when I drink it is usually a glass of wine with dinner. However, when it comes to throwing parties I make an exception. I think a signature cocktail can be a fun way to set the mood for a party or celebration. Last New Year’s I was all about Filthy Fizz and in the summer I am happy to spike the lemonade. For this occasion I was thinking about a friend’s upcoming birthday and wanted to make something smooth and silky with just the right amount of sparkle to fit the mood. I included the word milkshakes to the title of this recipe since they do actually contain vanilla ice cream. They are not as thick as true milkshakes though, because I use the ice cream more for chill factor and as a sweetener. The rest of the components – cinnamon, dark rum and Bailey’s Irish Cream – are not at all milkshake-like. I chose these because they slightly mimic the flavor of her beloved White Russians, but with a slightly Carribean twist. I think next time I might add some coconut milk to punch it up just a little bit more. Like most cocktails, these mommy milkshakes were a huge hit with the party and will definitely be made again. I think I might even serve them up as our little “ghostly refreshers” on Halloween night!


 Mummy’s Rummy Milkshakes


heaping scoop vanilla ice cream
¼ cup dark rum
¼ cup Bailey’s Irish Cream
1 generous sprinkle ground cinnamon


Blitz everything together in the mixer and serve!

Naptime Notes

Naptime Recipe Serving ideas

Obviously this recipe can be made in large batches. Serve them up in fun goblets for a festive touch!

Naptime Stopwatch

2 minutes – very short and sweet!

Naptime Reviews

These were a huge hit and were not over-the-top alcoholic.

7 Responses to “BOO! Mummy’s Rummy Milkshakes {Powernap}”

  1. How could this not taste good?

  2. Shelby Ruttan says:

    I don’t drink heavy drinks often either, but once and a while they are pretty darn  yummy to enjoy!

  3. Shelby Ruttan says:

    I don’t do heavy drinks often either but I’m sure this is one I would enjoy at least one of!

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  5. Nichol says:

    Yum! My favorite liquor all in one!

  6. Georgia Pellegrini says:

    This is seriously what I need right now! Looks amazing.