November 2, 2011

Favorite Things for Reading & Travel: Fall 2011 {Naptime on the Road}


I am taking a break from recipes today to share some of my favorite things from late summer and early fall. We’ve been back in the swing of things with the school but have still managed to escape to Cooperstown and Martha’s Vineyard for some family visits. Along the way I’ve been reading some terrific books, reading new favorite websites and browsing newly released cookbooks. Here are some of them that have really stood out along the way:


The Food52 Cookbook is finally out! I have three recipes in the book and am in awe of the delicious contributions by my fellow friends and bloggers. Stay tuned for a much more involved post about the book in the upcoming weeks (with a giveaway, too!) In the mean time, buy yourself a copy or three and start planning out your menus!

Kathleen Flinn’s latest book, The Kitchen Counter Cooking School, is a wonderful tale of her experience teaching novice chefs how to cook. During their lessons Flinn teaches them basic, practical cooking skills and boosts their confidence in the kitchen and in life.

I am a big fan of Christina Tosi’s recipes and am totally in love with her Momofuko Milk Bar cookbook. Her recipes are inspired by basic foods like corn flakes, evaporated milk powder and valhrona chocolate. Because of her I add toasted corn flakes to just about everything and still make my Cherry Cream Cookies, inspired by her blueberry version, on a regular basis.

I was sent the newest Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook: 2,000 Recipes from 20 Years of America’s Most Trusted Cooking Magazine  last month and it is literally has a ruffled top thanks to all the tabs I’ve put in it. I have always sworn that Cook’s Illustrated has some of the best recipes out there – they are literally the most trusted cooking magazine in America after all – and this recipe is a nifty compilation of the best of the best. I’ll write a more involved review of the book once I’ve cooked through it, probably after the holidays since I plan to use a lot of their recipes for Christmas dinner – but until then trust me that it is great and would make a terrific Christmas gift.

Travel Destinations & Products:

In June I traveled to the King Arthur Flour Baking Education Center in Vermont for blogger baking camp. Our special two day weekend was absolutely awesome. So awesome, in fact, that I’m buying gift certificates for some of my nearest and dearest so they can take their own baking lessons there next year. As far as cooking travel destinations go, this is a must for any baker.

Between school and car trips I have become a big fan of packing meals and snacks in these insulated bags. I pop everything in along with some ice packs and the food stays perfectly chilled for a whole afternoon.

I often take my favorite tea on the go with me this morning. My newest favorite product for this has been my insulated drink cup. It is simply the best way to take hot or cold beverages in the car!


I love this update about cookbook writing by Katie of What Katie Ate.

These Weck Jars have always caught my eye and hope a few land under the Christmas tree this year!

I hope to squeeze in a visit to Swanson Vineyards next year on my California book tour leg, Alexis’ blog about it is so cool!

Check out my newest favorite illustrator, Caitlin McGauley.

What a fun animated recipe!

I visit this gorgeous photography blog, From Me To You, daily and never tired of the amazing images!