November 7, 2011

Thanksgiving Week: Holiday Planning & Roasting Pan Giveaway! {Naptime Simple Tips}

Roasting Pan

Welcome to Naptime Chef Thanksgiving week! With the holiday cooking season underway I thought it would be fun to spend the week talking about Thanksgiving. I am going to throw in a few great side dish recipes, share an awesome guest post from a friend and fellow food blogger and, of course, talk turkey. I am also giving away a fantastic professional aluminum non-stick roasting pan with rack with a set lifting forks (usually sold separately, but they packaged them together for you!) courtesy of my friends at I love this particular pan because it is constructed out of strong aluminum, fits up to a 24 lb. turkey (that’s a big bird!) and should last a lifetime. It is exactly like the one we have at home and use all the time. So, if you are in the need of a new roasting pan look no further – see the entry rules below and join in the fun!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving week I hope you’ll join me in sharing your holiday recipes ideas, decorating tips and tricks for dealing with kids on Twitter (tag @TheNaptimeChef) or by tagging The Naptime Chef Facebook fanpage. I love the idea of sharing ideas with each other, plus if you tag and tweet you’ll get extra entries to win the roasting pan. I also hope you’ll join my group Pinterest Board Titled “Project #9: Thanksgiving Feast” and pin up some of your favorite Thanksgiving recipes, table decorating ideas and anything else that inspires your Thanksgiving experience. This week is all about getting in the holiday spirit and swapping good ideas and great food!

If you want to become one of my official blogging sponsors write a post about your favorite Thanksgiving recipe and link to this post on your blog. I’ll include a list of sponsors in my daily posts as well as in my weekly newsletter. Last but not least, check out the official rules below and tune back in here every day this week.

To get a jumpstart on your Thanksgiving planning, here are a few of my favorite posts on that topic. Stay tuned for recipes tomorrow!

1) How to Organize Your Kitchen for the Holidays : Simple Bites

2) Ultimate Thanksgiving Checklist : Epicurious

3) The Thanksgiving Timeline : Good.Food.Stories.

4) The Thanksgiving Guide : Serious Eats

Rules for Thanksgiving Week:

1. Leave a comment sharing a tidbit about your favorite Thanksgiving memory.

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7. 6 Extra Entries: Write a blog post between now and next Saturday November 12th at 7:00am about what delicious pumpkin dish you’ve cooked up and tell your readers about this post with a link back to it. You will be listed in The Naptime Chef newsletter as an official sponsor.

8. Contest will run from Monday November 7th at 7:00am through Sunday, November 13th at 7:00pm ET. Winner will be announced on Monday November 14th at 7:00am. If the winner does not respond within 48 hours a new winner will be drawn. Winner be selected by

9. Giveaway items can only be mailed within the continental US.

* Items generously donated by

81 Responses to “Thanksgiving Week: Holiday Planning & Roasting Pan Giveaway! {Naptime Simple Tips}”

  1. You rock, my dear. And that pan looks amaaaazing – sounds just like the one I’ve cooked many a big bird in too!

  2. Sarah H.P. says:

    My favourite Thanksgiving memories always involve my grandmother’s recipe for homemade pumpkin pie that is absolutely to die for! The tradition of getting together with family for a delicious meal and giving thanks for everything we have to be grateful for in life is what this holiday is all about! Love the roasting pan and I am so excited to start cooking for the holidays!

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  4. Tina E says:

    One of my all time favorites was going to London for a week and having Thanksgiving dinner in an Indian restaurant. 

  5. LauraFabian1959 says:

    Having Thanksgiving with my family and friends couldn’t ask for anything better

  6. Marcy says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory is homemade cranberry sauce served in my great-grandmother’s  dish.  It’s a tradition in my family for as long as I can remember and, one day, that dish (among others) will be passed along to me!

  7. ilona t says:

    my favorite thanksgiving memories are at my moms house!  she always had the family over for my birthday and thanksgiving!

  8. ilona t says:

    i subscribe to your emails!

  9. ilona t says:

    i’m a fan on fb!

  10. Samantha Stein says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory was the year we drove from VA to NY and got together with all my aunts, uncles and cousins from my mom’s side, and it snowed!  We did lots of crafts and fun things together – I was 9 or 10, I think – and it was just picture perfect all around.  I subscribed to your newsletter and I’m a facebook fan!  Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity!

  11. Erin Cochrane says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving was 2 years ago. We had just moved in to our first married home. My mom told me there was no way she would come to my house for Thanksgiving if I didn’t have a dining room table. It was our first major purchase for our new home. She made a beautiful dinner and we had a great time at the brand spanking new table!

  12. Erin Cochrane says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter via email!

  13. Erin Cochrane says:

    I am a facebook fan!

  14. Maggie Henry says:

    I dry brined and deep fried last years turkey. It was AWESOME. Love the roasting pan!

  15. April V says:

    I love having everyone tell something their thankful for!

  16. Kristinwhitesides says:

    i loved my dad’s cornbread stuffing.  and watching the macy’s day parade while everything was being prepared.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Thanksgiving memory—-all time fav when my kids and I went to NY and saw the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in person from the stands!  It was FANTASTIC!

  18. Anonymous says:

    I am a fan on facebook (celeste swan)

  19. Jla1893 says:

    Favorite memory is taking naps after stuffing myself with turkey!

  20. Miranda says:

    I’m an email subscriber.

  21. Miranda says:

    I like you on FB.

  22. Miranda says:

    My favorite memory is spending thanksgiving in Hawaii! We had Mai Tais and seafood instead of turkey, and enjoyed perfectly warm weather.

  23. My favorite part of Thanksgiving is actually the dessert!  We always have a few to choose from and it’s fabulous being able to indulge.

  24. My favorite Thanksgiving memory is eating Creme de menthe over white ice cream when I was a young child — I felt like a big kid!  I loved to stir it until all was mixed in.  

  25. Chelsea says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory is every one i get to celebrate. Being able to put all things aside and gathering with my family to share old and new memories. Its a great time of year to catch up and reconnect with loved ones.

  26. Katmagick says:

    My favorite memory is the first Thanksgiving I hosted. One of my cats tried to drag the Turkey off while it was cooling on the counter. It ended up on the floor! Thankfully I had a frozen lasagne that I popped in the microwave. Everyone was pretty good about the whole incident, but I never leave the turkey unattended anymore.

  27. Katmagick says:

    Subscribed to The Naptime Chef newsletter & confirmed 

  28. Katmagick says:

    fan of The Naptime Chef on Facebook
    Melanie Diehl

  29. Lisasawtelle says:

    Oh I need this Roaster! Our favorite family Thanksgiving tradition/memory is the pumpkin rolls that we eat – one the night before and one for Breakfast on Turkey day.  They are passed down from my mother in law – and all 5 kids can’t get enough!

  30. Lisasawtelle says:

    I am a fan on Facebook!

  31. Gianna Roddy says:

    1. Already a newsletter subscriber
    2. Already a FB fan
    3. My fondest memories of Thanksgiving is the quality time I get to spend with my immediate family. The food is ALWAYS so delicious so that helps too!
    4. Shared your link on FB

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  32. Tjmc05 says:

    My favorite memory is elbowing my brother in law for the pecan pie. He was from Westchester Co NY and we lived in southeast NC. My sister in law would bring her familly south to hunt Thanksgiving week. My mother in law made a delicious pecan pie that the 2 of us were eager to devour; he had hunted all week and I had taught high school, so we were ready.

  33. Annette says:

    1) I am a newsletter subscriber.
    2) I am a Facebook fan
    3) I follow you (and your Project #9 Thanksgiving Feast) board) on Pinterest. You ROCK!
    4) I shared your link on Facebook.
    5) My favorite tradition for Thanksgiving is to use a Gratitude Journal – every person who shares our Thanksgiving feast signs their name and writes what they are thankful for. We also take a picture of each year – and include the menu. Our favorite traditional food to eat for Thanksgiving is my great-grandma’s savory sage stuffing. Mmmm! My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

  34. Wendy Y says:

    My mom’s sticky rice stuffing.

  35. Jen M says:

    I love that my husband and I have created our own Thanksgiving traditions for our family – and that one can of jellied cranberry sauce is never enough!

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  37. Christy T says:

    I don’t just have one favorite memory…I just enjoy everyone being together.  I really did like joining my husband’s family for the first time.  Was fun to see the different dishes that normally have..very fun & yummy!

  38. Kerry's Krafts says:

    My great grandmother’s homemade gooseberry pies!  She grew her own gooseberries in her backyard annd made everything from scratch.  Oh, how I wish she was still here to make one this year!

  39. TheHamptons says:

    fave> 1st Thanksgiving in out new house…BECAUSE Mom had the “wrong” roasting pan & was not a cheffy type mother ; )  – someone had told her to use oil instead of butter so she must have used a bit more then called for plus she tried to fit the largest turkey the supermarket had into the only pan that had traveled from our NYC apt  to our brand new house in Southampton – & the brand new stove in the brand new kitchen – but every time she pulled that foil pan out of the oven to dutifully basted the turkey it became more bent & more oil spilled over the side…until finally she opened the door and found the turkey on FIRE! So she tried on her own to put it out but then ran to the NEW neighbors for help & ALL twelve of their guests came over to help…meanwhile I was enjoy a holiday bubble bath at my house when my husband flies by shouting he’s on his way to Mom’s to help put out the fire (!?!?!)…when he got there he found 2 fire trucks, 3 police cars and 14 neighbors all trying to save our turkey & our home : )  That was his “mother-in-law” + my MOM…loved her to pieces as she was a Saint but definitely not a cook. For CHRISTMAS the family gave her a proper roasting pan & loads of laughs. Over the years she burned the heck out of that one so I didn’t inherit any terrific cookware from HER!!! lol so yeah…since I am a good cook, I would love a beautiful roasting pan…

  40. Maureen says:

    My cousins and I would go out in the front yard and have a quick game of touch football. We also would not let our mothers make the stuffing. The stuffing always had to be made by our grandmother.

  41. Maureen says:

    I subscribe to the newsletter

  42. Bebe says:

    I always think of my Dad making turkey rice soup the day after thanksgiving, and my mom having her turkey, stuffing, cranberry sandwiches…miss them!

  43. Chris Chang says:

    Well every Thanksgiving for as long as I can remember, we always go to my aunt’s house in LA. We always make a nice 7-8 hour drive from home and stay at her place for a few days.  I don’t have a specific favorite memory, but I love spending time with my cousins, they’re so much fun to be around and always make me laugh! Can’t wait for this Thanksgiving!

    and I love your recipes. that is all.

  44. 1 – naptime newsletter subscriber
    1 – facebook fan
    1 – tweeted about the giveaway Tipsy_Skipper
    Thanks for all of the fantastic recipes – and this is such a great giveaway! Crossing my fingers that I win!

  45. Elena says:

    My favorite memory is when the whole family got together, everyone cooked their favorite side dish and we all had a good time.

  46. Elena says:

    E-mail subscriber

  47. Elena says:

    I like The Naptime Chef on facebook as Elena Istomina

  48. Mendy Dinsmore says:

    My favorite memories are when we would have a big Thanksgiving dinner with the cousins and then the guys would all leave for deer camp.  My Mom, a aunt and I would go shopping all weekend.  It was so much fun.

    mendyd15 at yahoo dot com 

  49. Alice says:

    I subscribe to the newsletter! 🙂 

  50. Alice says:

    I have been a FB fan of the naptime chef! 🙂 

  51. Alice says:

    I follow you on SU 🙂 

  52. Alice says:

    I put a link on FB 🙂 Love it!

  53. Alice says:

    Every year my favorite part of Thanksgiving, aside from the delicious spread is sharing the things you are thankful for. they are always interesting and varied, some sad, some hilarious (if you have young children), and many hopeful for the next year. It’s a great way to really connect and bond 🙂 

  54. Stefani says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory is the year I decided to help cook instead of waiting for dinner to be ready.  I haven’t skipped a year yet 🙂

  55. Stefani says:

    Subscribed to the newsletter!

  56. Stefani says:

    Liked The Naptime Chef on Facebook

  57. Stefani says:


  58. Stefani says:

    following you on stumble upon and stumbled the post!

  59. Stelabel9 says:

    I subscribe! Thank you for the helpful post.

  60. Steph says:

    My favorite memory is when my mom was sick and my brothers gf and I took charge. I was twelve and she was 16. Let’s just say our menu was interesting 🙂

  61. Last Thanksgiving my boyfriend visited me in Virginia and we made a turkey for us both! Leftovers for about 3 weeks! 😉

  62. I am subscribed to this blog!

  63. We always had homemade potato rolls for Thanksgiving and they were delicious! 

  64. Schmidty says:

    I was asked to make chicken/cornbread dressing for a Thanksgiving get-together. Not only had I never eaten it, I’d never heard of it! (I must have been all of 24.)  I asked around, drew upon my cooking knowledge, and put together what I thought would pass muster. The dish turned out to be a huge hit and I’ve made it every Thanksgiving since (and been asked for the recipe numerous times)!

  65. Schmidty says:

    I subscribe to your emails.

  66. Schmidty says:

    I am following your facebook page (rust Hawk).

  67. Schmidty says:

    I clicked your green thumbs up stumble icon.

  68. Vgonyea says:

    I’ve been experimenting with different turkey glazes the past couple of years, last year I made one that was based on Pomegranate Molasses.  Honestly it was so delicious, I want to do it again this year.  It makes the resulting gravy very dark and mulch-dimentional!

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  70. My favorite Thanksgiving memory was when my college friends and I got together to make the dinner.  

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