February 16, 2012

4 Must-Have Food Apps on the Go {Naptime On the Road}

Dorie App
We got an iPad for Christmas and I’ve totally fallen in love with it. I never thought they were a big deal, but now that we have one I’m not sure why we waited so long to get it! One of the first things I did on December 26th was load it up with foodie apps I’d been hearing a lot about. Of all the ones I bought there are four I’ve been turning to constantly for information and inspiration over the past few months. I’ve even find myself turning to them on the road when travel! If you are in the market for an awesome, parent-friendly, foodie apps here are a four I highly recommend:

1) Baking with Dorie: This awesome app is Dorie at her best. Some of her choice classic recipes come with beautifully shot, instructive how-to videos. The recipes and photos are so thorough and well-written it will convince even the most novice baker the she too can make a gorgeous butter pie crust. More experienced bakers will relish the challenge of replicating Dorie’s masterful cookies and light as air cakes. Overall the app is clean and easy to navigate with a whimsical happiness that is pure Dorie.

2) Jamie Oliver: I’ve had a crush on Jamie for years, and now his app is out and I love him even more. In true Jamie style, everything is presented a casual, comfortable manner. Everything is geared toward the home cook and there are at least a gazillion (ok, maybe more like one hundred) easy dinner recipes for home cooks. Many of them are perfect for naptime cooking! Cooks and bakers alike will love the instructive videos and easy to read recipes. This all-around app is probably the best family cooking app out there.

3) Nigella: Ok, so this is an iphone app that can be used on an ipad as well. That doesn’t really matter to me, I love it anyway. In signature Nigella style, the information presented in this app is delivered with equal parts serious home cook and cheeky British humor. I love the clean format and gingerbread-style icons. The selection if recipes is small, but wide-ranging. True Nigella fans will love it.

4) Food52 Holiday App: Intended for holidays, but useful year round, this well-rounded app covers every meal of the day, plus entertaining recipes. I love the ideas for homemade gifts and sweet treats, and many of the dinner recipes I’ve added to our weeknight repertoire, no holiday needed. A fun app that is worth a spin all year long!

5 Responses to “4 Must-Have Food Apps on the Go {Naptime On the Road}”

  1. gmp505 says:

    I have the Food52 App, and it is excellent.   I also have Joanne Weir, Epicurious, Food Network, and Cooks Illustreated. I haven’t heard about Baking with Dorie, but I am going to have to check it out.   I love my iPad too – really is amazing!  I discover something new every time I use it. 

  2. Ann513 says:

    Viking Range has a wonderful foodie page on FaceBook!

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