February 9, 2012

Caroline’s Bourbon Slushies for Mardi Gras {Naptime Entertaining}

mardi gras beads

The Venue: Caroline and Jim’s House

The Occasion: Mardi Gras

My friend Caroline is a native New Orleanean and, although she now lives in Connecticut, she always pulls out all the stops when it comes to celebrating Mardi Gras. At her party last weekend she served the most amazing spread of food including crawfish pies, salad with crab salad, gumbo, king cake (I got the baby!!!), and these bourbon slushies. I would’ve written about them earlier this week, but I just now recovered from my hangover. I am not a big bourbon drinker but holy cow were these good. And potent. And totally beyond any kind of cocktail party drink I’ve ever had.


After a little coaxing on email earlier this week Caroline spilled her recipe for the rest of the world to see. As you’ll read, the drinks actually take a little prep time which, I can assure you, is well worth it. I don’t have any immediate plans to replicate these in my own home, but am keeping the recipe in my back pocket for the right occasion. I am quite sure I will find a use for them sooner or later. In the mean time, if you are in the mood for a Mardi Gras party anytime soon I highly recommend giving these a whirl. A little naptime cocktail-making is nice and simple and your guests will love you for it. Just be sure to put some Advil in the gift bags.

Salad Crab

Caroline’s awesome crab salad


Caroline’s Bourbon Slushies for Mardi Gras

adapted from the Jim Bean website


2 cups hot water with 4 bags Lipton tea
2 cups bourbon
1 large can frozen orange juice
1 large can frozen lemonade
1 ½ cups sugar
8 cups boiling water
2 cans lemon-lime soda for serving


Allow the tea bags to steep in the hot water for at least twenty minutes, then remove and discard tea bags.  Mix together the bourbon, frozen orange juice, frozen lemonade sugar and boiling water in a large bowl or tray that will fit in your freezer. Freeze the mixture for two days, shaking intermittently at least three times a day to keep the mixture slushy. Remove it from the freezer at least one hour prior to serving. To serve, fill a glass and top it with one inch of lemon-lime soda.

Naptime Notes

Naptime Recipe Serving ideas

This was the perfect party drink and is definitely best served with food!

Naptime Stopwatch

2 days prep time, 30 seconds drink time

Naptime Reviews

I am not a big Bourbon drinker but these were AWESOME!

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  1. i love bourbon, can’t wait to try this!