February 21, 2012

Julia’s Child by Sarah Pinneo & Book and Food Giveaway! {Tales from the Trenches}

Julia's Child

Every so often I like to stop in and recommend a great read or two. It is next to impossible to recommend every single book I read, since I truly am one of those voracious readers who reads just about everything under the sun, but I like to highlight the best of the best and here’s a good one for you. Last month I received an advanced copy of a new novel, Julia’s Child by Sarah Pinneo. Sarah and I struck up an email correspondence last year when we were chatting about cookbook writing experiences. She also co-authored The Ski House Cookbook a few years ago and a few helpful tips for me.

Her newest work is an adorable story about Julia, Brooklyn-based mompreneuer fighting the good fight against expensive processed foods. To find a new solution to feeding her children healthy meals she starts an organic food company and comedic drama ensues. I would hate to spoil the rest of the story for you so I’ll leave the rest for you to read on your own.

Pinneo Kitchen

What I enjoyed about this book is Sarah’s energetic writing and relatable characters. There were many moments when I recognized Julia as an amalgamation of many of the women I knew living in New York. While Julia is clearly the heroine, she is not without her faults and Sarah doesn’t shy away from pointing out the shortcomings of her seize-the-day New York supermom. She is hilarious, ambitious, smart and, above all, totally normal.

There has been a lot of advanced praise for Julia’s Child and I encourage you to read some of the well-deserved reviews. To read the book yourself (and find out what happens!) pick up a copy today. Or, enter to win a copy below!

To get to know a little more about Sarah I had a little chat with her about the book!

1) What do you envision Julia doing after this story is over?

Knowing Julia, she’ll probably find another great cause and stir herself into a lather again. One of the points I wanted to make is that all mothers need to find a place to stop and enjoy all the things that have gone well without belaboring those things we cannot control. But Julia has trouble with that. She doesn’t like to sit still.

2) How much of yourself do you do see in Julia?
The short answer is: plenty. Writing the book, I dialed up Julia’s neuroses, creating a character who was at once ¬†funnier and more hapless than I am. I’m not as hardcore about nutrition as she is. But researching the food business changes you. I can’t help but be aware of the ironies and¬†inconsistencies¬†that fire up Julia in the story.
3) What are your next personal writing projects?
I’m working on a story about a family with food allergies. I love to write about how food intersects with our societal norms, and the idea that a food which is perfectly healthy for one child is deadly for another is fascinating to me. As well as terrifying.

I am honored that today Sarah is giving away a copy of her new book AND a gift basket of food made by 100% mom-owned companies. Like Julia, these moms have grand ambitious to produce and sell healthy, organic food for the whole family.

This awesome gift basket includes treats from Vermont Peanut Butter, Snikiddy and Little Duck Organics!

Mom Food

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