March 9, 2012

Upcoming Virtual Book Tour Events, Giveaways & More

Hi! I am stopping in today with a quick update on the all of the exciting stuff coming up next week! On Monday my book is officially on sale EVERYWHERE! So, please, do what any sane person would do and rush to your local bookstore (or favorite online retailer) and buy a copy. Then, if you are in a bookstore, rearrange the stacks so my book is front and center on every table. Haha! (I am only half joking.)

On Monday, March 12th we are going to kick off the spring book events with a virtual book tour. Bloggers from all over have cooked and photographed recipes from my book and we are going to be sharing their brilliance on my site and the Running Press Cooks website. We’ll also be having a Twitter party from 12pmĀ  – 1pm ET! Join in and use the hashtag #naptimecooking to chat with everyone.

On Tuesday, March 13th, I’ll be launching my newly revamped Naptime Chef Cooking Show in conjunction with support from OXO. I’ll be rolling out a series of three new Naptime Chef/OXO videos this spring showcasing spring vegetable recipes from my book and products from the new OXO spring line. We’ll even be giving away the new products and my book every single time a video rolls out. Stay tuned!

Finally, the spring book tour dates are lining up, be sure to check out my book page to see when I’ll be coming to a city near you. My first event is on March 29th in Westport CT at the JMcLaughlin store. Don’t see a visit planned? Let me know where you want me to visit and maybe I can plan something!

Thank you all, my friends, for being so support of The Naptime Chef!