June 6, 2012

10 Best Kitchen Gadgets for Summer {Naptime Simple Tips}

This summer I am introducing a new visual element to the blog: layouts! Instead of just blabbering on about my favorite tool for chilling wine or my awesome new watermelon knife I thought I’d spell it all out here for you in a cool easy-to-read layout. Today I am starting out with ten of my favorite kitchen gadgets for summer. These are the items that are quirky and a little unusual yet I find myself using on a daily basis all summer long. What can’t you live without in the summer months?

naptime chef favorite kitchen gadgets

1. Herb Scissors for easily chiffoning herbs.

2. Classic corkscrew that meets all your bottle-opening needs.

3. Handheld Mandolin for easily slicing summer vegetables.

4. How can you not love this Corkcicle for chilling wine. Genius!

5. Pasta attachments for your KitchenAid for all those fresh herb noodles.

6. I have this Strawberry Huller and it is easy and efficient for tackling baskets of berries.

7. A classic folding Opinel Knife is perfect for picnics.

8. The perfect Pie Shield so you don’t burn your crust when baking summer fruit pies!

9. This Watermelon Knife is perfect for slicing huge watermelons.

1o. Zoku individual popsicle maker for making popsicles in a snap.


4 Responses to “10 Best Kitchen Gadgets for Summer {Naptime Simple Tips}”

  1. I’ve been curious about those pasta attachments – maybe buying them will be the incentive I need for learning how to make fresh pasta! Thanks 🙂

    • KelseyTheNaptimeChef says:

      Hi Emily! I definitely recommend a pasta attachment. It will be so much fun!

  2. Minnie(@thelady8home) says:

    Thanks ton for this post. Really helpful for many. Very thoughtful of you!!


  3. Jennifer A says:

    Oooh…the Zoku popsicle maker sounds awesome!