September 26, 2012

Fall Favorites 2012 {Naptime Simple Tips}

Now and then I like to pop in to chat about some of my newest favorite things. This is the stuff I’ve been enjoying recently from around the internet and beyond. As you can probably tell, my baby nesting instincts are starting to emerge. Lately I’ve been flipping around home decor websites just as much as my favorite food rags. I’ve also been scooping out a few fashiony items, mostly concentrating on the things I can actually take advantage of now (i.e. shoes, bags, and make-up) while I can’t fit into normal clothes. I am also happy to report that I am far less absent-minded and wiped out than I was when I checked in last summer. Phew – I am glad that phase is over! Now I am just a normal pregnant lady who gets out of breath carrying groceries and craves chocolate like it is going out of style.

My Fall Favorites 2012:

Best apple slicer

Naptime Kitchen Gear: With apples coming in my the bucket load I am all about this slicer – so much easier when I need thin slices for tarts

Hemingway's Girl

Naptime Reading:  This new novel is SO good. I am crazy about all things Hemingway and this book is a fun look at his second marriage.

JCrew Boots via The Naptime Chef

Naptime Retail Therapy: These boots are on my wish list…they are they perfect height for pregnant ladies!

Jeni's Blue Ribbon Baby Collection

Naptime Baby: I might put Jeni’s on my baby registry!

Buerre & Sel  Cookies

Naptime Websites: Love reading this site, loving shopping for accessories on this site, OMG Beurre & Sel is OPEN!!!

Nars Lip Color

Naptime Beauty: This year I am obsessed with this for dark lips. (I mean, just because I can’t wear the fashionable clothes this month doesn’t mean I can’t make an effort!)