April 10, 2013

Important Question: Share Your Favorite Candy!

What's Your Favorite Road Trip Candy

Over the next few months I am going to stop in from time to time with some questions for my next book. Since this book is all about curating the best go-to recipes for parents for all occasions throughout the calendar year I want your voices to be included! One of the chapters is going to cover road trip snacks, spring break travel treats, and generally portable food for kids. My editor and I thought it would be fun to include a pole of everyone’s favorite travel candy. So, here is my question for you all:

What is your favorite candy to eat when you travel by land, air, or sea? I’d love to know the name of that special sweet nibble you can’t live without when you are on the go. Is there a certain thing you only pick up in the airport? Or, maybe before a road trip you go hog wild at the candy shop and treat yourself to something especially unusual and fun? I’ll tell you my favorite car snack: Twizzlers. It is practically the only time I eat them and I LOVE them. I think this love is a holdover from my childhood. When we were little my mother used to bring them to Mexico when we visited our cousins because they, worryingly, never melted despite the intense heat. Since we were usually down there for Easter it was often the only candy the bunny would bring us!

Remember, there is no wrong answer and I won’t tell anyone your little candy secret. Promise!

8 Responses to “Important Question: Share Your Favorite Candy!”

  1. Christine M says:

    I always have to have Mike and Ike and Sugar Babies. It is not a road trip without them. We took a roadtrip to San Antonio Easter wknd and I totally forgot them! But on the way back home my friend slipped a bunch of Hershey’s with Almonds in my diaper bag so I survived the ride back =)

  2. Adelaide says:

    In Maine before we’d left for the long drive home, I’d always grab some peanut butter salt water taffy – crunchy peanut butter in the middle! YUM

  3. Alice Mizer says:

    I always pick up a bag of Welch’s fruit snacks for my girls when we are in an airport. By car, we love getting strawberry frapps and sharing some cookies or cake pops or some other little treat that we discover in a local bakery or shop, it changes depending on where we are : )

  4. L says:

    This was a tough question. I thought about it quite a bit. My usual favorite is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I like that you can save one for later. However, I have had several homemade recipes turn out so well that my best-case would be to just bring those along, but when it’s not possible, Reese’s is very good. I realize they can melt, but I still think they’re wonderful.

  5. Reese’s Pieces are an excellent travel companion.

  6. Karen Fohey says:

    M & M’s!

  7. ReedieTeacher says:

    A bag of M&Ms, either peanut or plain, always gets on board the airplane with me. Oh, and pretzels, too!

  8. Jennifer Arnold says:

    I love Swedish Fish and Gummy Worms when I’m traveling.