April 15, 2013

Local Food: The LobsterCraft Food Truck

The LobsterCraft Food Truck

If you even hint to me that there is a fresh lobster roll in my immediate vicinity I am there. Seriously, a good roll is one of my all-time favorite foods. Especially in the summer. So, when my husband came home last month and told me that the new LobsterCraft food truck was in the area for the afternoon I threw the kids the car put the pedal to the metal. No matter that it was the last snowstorm of the year (I hope!), I wanted me some fresh lobsta!

The LobsterCraft Truck

As part of my ongoing role as flavor correspondent for Sargento, this year I am investigating the new role of food trucks as everyday eating establishments. This trend shows no signs of stopping and is seizing the interest of people in hundreds of urban areas around the country. The cool thing about a great food truck is that it typically focuses on mastering one single cuisine. For example, the crepe truck in our town serves up the best sweet and savory crepes this side of the Atlantic. That is all they serve and they do it beautifully. As you might expect, LobsterCraft has chosen lobster as it’s primary, in fact only, focus.

The LobsterCraft Lobster Rolls

So, what happens when a Chef devotes himself to making only lobster rolls? They are AMAZING! In fact, these are probably one of the top three lobster rolls I’ve ever had in my life. First off, the Chef uses very little, if any, mayonnaise. Instead he uses a minimal amount of smooth melted butter to bind the meat. He also commits to buying only the absolute freshest lobster he can find. Then, he serves it up in toasted buttered split top rolls with sweet or spicy sauces or, in my case, a strip of crispy bacon, some fresh lettuce, and ripe tomatoes. Alongside you get a small tub of fresh cole slaw – perfection – and about a dozen salty ridged potato chips. It is essentially the perfect lobster meal package.

LobsterCraft Connecticut

When I was doing some research about LobsterCraft I found that I am not the only one who enjoys it so much she can’t wait to get back. It is ranked in the top ten food trucks in the state of Connecticut. I loved seeing these rankings because some of my favorite food trucks are, it seems, loved by many (more on those soon). Plus, there are a couple new ones on the list I can’t wait to try! In fact, as an example of just how popular food trucks continue to become, my husband’s colleague has hired the local grilled cheese food truck, Melt Mobile, to serve up late night eats at his wedding reception this summer. I think I might have to go sample those sandwiches this month just so, you know, I can be sure they made the right decision for their wedding. (Wink, wink.)

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4 Responses to “Local Food: The LobsterCraft Food Truck”

  1. Cathy Pollak ~ Noble Pig says:

    Oh wow, these look amazing…the food truck never disappoints!

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  3. […] good. I’ve eaten quite a range of food truck cuisine in my local area – crepes, pizza, lobster rolls and, now, meatballs – and the cooks really know what they are doing with their specialty. […]