June 20, 2013

My Top 5 Summer Kitchen Essentials

I have a secret to share. I LOVED our cool, slightly rainy, June weather. I know I always moan about the cold, but a cool 70 degree summer day with no humidity, and the occasional sprinkle, is just fine with me. I am SO not looking forward to the crazy heat and humidity (and potential droughts!) of August. The survive that month I mostly submerge myself in Lake Otsego and do my best to keep the kids cool. This also means I turn on the oven as minimally as possible and employ all of my favorite “stay cool” strategies. The other day I broke out the first item on this list and whipped up a batch of ice cream. It was so refreshing to eat outside after dinner! Rest assured I’ll have plenty of stay cool recipes this summer. But, to get me started, I am tuning up all of my favorite kitchen equipment. I am thinking about giving away one of these items soon. Any requests? Let me know!

the cuisinart ice cream maker

1) The ice cream maker is our summer kitchen workhorse. Not only is it perfect for ice cream and frozen yogurt, it is also great for granitas, and wine slushies!

watermelon knife

2) I think this watermelon knife is the sole reason I haven’t amputated my finger by now. We love staying cool with watermelon and I don’t mind by the big mama melons at the market because I feel safe cutting them with this blade!


3) We have this Zoku popsicle maker and it is awesome. I can turn any fruit or fruit juice into an instant popsicle for the kids which is ideal when we are nearing an end-of-day summer meltdown.


4) I drink iced tea by the gallon all summer long. This pitcher is ideal for keeping the tea nice and chilly and is really pretty to serve on a table!


5) We eat produce by the bushel all summer and I am constantly slicing it with my handheld mandoline. Everyone needs one of these, it makes all those recipes for sliced zucchini so much easier!

So long milk frother, see you in October!