July 25, 2013

New Favorite Appliance: The Magimix Toaster

Magimix Vision Toaster

Every so often I like to share one of my favorite kitchen appliances with you. Remember the milk frother from last winter? I swear, that baby got me through infant sleep-deprivation like it was nobody’s business. Needless to say, I’ve put that away for the summer and have become devoted to the Magimix Vision ToasterMagimix by Robot-Coupe makes the highest quality kitchen appliances. Remember the food processor from last year? It is the gold standard in food processors and, like that appliance, the Vision Toaster is the highest quality toaster I have never used. In fact, I love it so much I’ll be giving one away in September.

I’ve owned many toasters in my lifetime but the Magimix Vision Toaster is in a class by itself. First of all, the see-through design is super cool, especially for kids, and allows you to see the exactly how golden your bread is getting while it toasts. Secondly, the four quartz heating elements are such that the bread product is always perfectly crispy on the exterior and warm and soft inside. It manages to toast things to perfection without drying them out. There is nothing worse than unintentionally making melba toast for breakfast, something I have done many times!

With all the fresh jam floating around here I’ve been whipping up toast for breakfast daily and now even both my kids have become as devoted to “toast sticks” and perfectly crispy English muffins as I have.


However, the Magimix doesn’t stop there. It is also great for toasting delicate pastries like croissants, and can even handle tougher breads like baguettes and bagels. The secret is in the dial and the buttons that take the guess-work out of setting the temperature just so. For the lightest bread product simple press the bread icon. For a bagel press the bagel symbol, and there even is a defrost setting in case you are thawing bread from the freezer. It is so advanced and specific for such a compact machine!

As far as toasters go, this one is a keeper. Plus, it comes in several awesome colors to match the design of your kitchen.

Stay tuned this September for when I give one away. It will be ideal for toasting waffles and bagels before the kids have to catch the bus!

(Disclosure: Magimix sent me this toaster to review. The opinions expressed are wholly my own.)