September 26, 2013

Kitchen Idea File #2: Countertops

Kitchen Idea File Countertops

There are so many things to think about for the kitchen renovation it is hard to know where to begin. Right now we are targeting summer 2015, but we will see where the wind takes us. In the mean time, I have been obsessing over countertops lately. Our current ones are hunter green faux marble tile and they just aren’t my style. Plus, they are pretty worn. Right now I am tied to the idea of using dark wood counters in the new kitchen. I love how they look polished, yet still a little rustic. I also find wood comfortable for food preparation and cooking with kids.

Kitchen Makeover via Smitten Studio (Photo: via Smitten Studio)

I love the idea of a dark wooden counter top acquiring a natural patina from our family cooking. It seems like it would only get better with age. We gravitate toward clean crisp colors and I really like how dark woods contrasts with bright whites and blues.

Wooden countertops (Photo: via Apartment Therapy)

There are some drawbacks to wood, however. If the wood is too light, like a butcher block, it will stain with dark colors from berries or beets. It also gets nicks from knives and needs to be moisturized and cleaned regularly.

Soapstone countertops (Photo: via Remodalista)

I also think about soapstone sometimes. I don’t want a dark shiny countertop because I’ve had them before. I personally don’t like how they show every single particle of dust and drop of water. Soapstone seems like a might be a good compromise because the subtle gradations in it do camouflage crumbs and water rings from sweaty glasses. But, I wonder, does glassware break easily on soapstone?

White Marble Counter tops (Photo: via Life in Grace Blog)

I am also personally not a big fan of the white washed kitchen with white marble. White, I find, is just as hard to keep clean! Not to mention the staining and scratching. Marble also feels cold and formal to me. Same goes for granite. I prefer a modern country kitchen type feel. Which is why I come back to the slightly less formal, warmer wood.

Wooden Countertops (Photo: via BHG)

What experience have you had with counter tops. Anything I need to think about (besides budget), anything I should consider? I know every material has its benefits and drawbacks. I am trying to weight them all for a while and see what I end up liking.