September 10, 2013

The Naptime Chef Kitchen Idea File #1: A Tour at Square One

The Naptime Chef Kitchen Idea File

Today I am taking you on a little tour of our new kitchen. As you will see, we have a lot of work ahead. The kitchen will be gutted and redone over time. We want to hook gas lines into the house for a gas stove top, we need more space for food preparation and eating, and we need new appliances that will enable us to wash more dishes and hold more food for our hungry family of four.  So, in truth, I am looking at this room as blank slate to shape into exactly what we want for the long term.


The whole idea of a brand new kitchen is both exciting and daunting. I love the idea of doing exactly what we want, but I am worried about making mistakes. Thankfully, we have a little time to figure this out. These kinds of renovations are extraordinarily expensive so we won’t be doing redoing the kitchen right away. Instead, we are going to save our pennies and live in the house for a bit, probably at least a few months, to see how we use it. This will, we hope, show us what we need and help us make sound design decisions for the future. To document this project, I am starting a new little series here titled “Kitchen Idea File” where I share photos of kitchen design elements I love and have bookmarked. Please, if you see any ideas I have that you’ve tried and did or didn’t like feel free to weigh in! It always helps to crowd source suggestions.

Kitchen3 Here is the eating area. For now I am going to put one there to be the prep table. Kind of like a butcher block. We’ll eat in the dining room. This wall has pipes in it so we’ve been told it would be difficult to knock down to combine the kitchen and dining room.


The fridge is a little small for us since I always have so much food around for recipe testing, and it is right next to the door to the basement. The swinging door goes into the dining room.

Kitchen5 The front door is right out in the hallway on the right hand side. The hunter green counter tops and stone back splash are not my style.


The counters are higher than the windowsills and have a cut out for the radiator underneath. It is not a great use of space and makes the windows hard to open and close.

Kitchen6 The oven and stove. I have the glass flat top electric where we are living now and I don’t like cooking on it. Every little bit of water sizzles on it and the heat doesn’t conduct very well. I look forward to gas range like I used to have in New York City.


This is the walkway into the back yard. The kitchen door is on the right and the garage is the wall on the left. We would love us this space to build a bigger kitchen. Then I can put a kitchen garden off the back! We won’t mind losing the green space since we have a great yard in the back. Transforming this footage into the kitchen would be amazing. I dream about a cathedral ceiling with beams and a skylight over the eating area.

So, you can see, we have a big project ahead. I can’t wait to chat with you and run all of my ideas by everyone. It will be fun!