October 18, 2013

Happy Weekend + Links

Meringue Ghosts

I’ve had a lot of fun stuff going on this week. Fall is in full effect, gorgeous leaves are falling in our yard, and the kids are finally starting to wear fleece jackets. Work-wise, the holiday season is ramping up and I’ve been doing a lot of fun articles for various media outlets. I am personally so excited about all of the Halloween stuff that is starting to pop up around the web. I am so in the mood for our first holiday in our new home!

– My daughter and I want to make Gabby’s wreath for our front door. It looks super cool!

– Need a pick-me-up? Make a Tutti Frutti Smoothie for your kids after school.

– BOO! These sweet meringue ghosts are a cinch to make and are great little treats for kids./

– I love Megan’s post about changing gears and making the most of it.

– Don’t forget to make a carrot souffle for your kids this fall!

Have a great weekend!