December 19, 2013

Local Food Travel: The Vanchetta Food Truck


For my last food truck visit of 2013 my family and I swung by the pork-based Vanchetta. It was a sunny late fall afternoon and us hungry travelers were totally gunning for a heavy duty sandwich. I really have been thrilled to learn all about food trucks this year. In just a few years food trucks have become a food movement in and of themselves. They offer everything from coffee and donuts, to heavy duty french fries, to you name it! Every time I spot one now I run over to see what amazing delicacy the chef has mastered and is serving up. In the case of Vanchetta it is sandwiches. Hearty, meat-based sandwiches to be exact.

hot dog

Since we were there during a special Oktoberfest celebration I, of course, ordered their amazing hot dog filled with mustard and potato salad. We also ordered a great pulled chicken sandwich loaded with veggies and served on a hard roll. While we’ve all enjoyed many, many sandwiches before these really stood out. The small menu enabled the chef to make each one from scratch, and they really focused heavily on the German-style preparation. We loved the tangy mustard and pickled toppings, they are just what I’d expect from a big belly filling menu.

Vanchetta SandwichOf all the food trucks we’ve seen this year this is definitely my favorite sandwich. This is the kind of truck I wish would magically appear every time I visited Yankee Stadium, or even the little league field! The sandwiches also hold together well which makes them perfect for picking up at lunch time or hanging onto all day and eating for dinner. Once again, it really amazed me how the chef made a food truck out of one cuisine and did so perfectly.

Going forward I can’t wait to try more food trucks all over the country. You can bet you’ll see much more about them here from time to time. I know you love eating at them as much as I do. And if you hear of any trucks I should visit please let me know!

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