May 8, 2014

Kitchen Idea File #5: Pantries

The Naptime Chef Pantry

Lately I’ve had pantries on my mind. As I mentally design my dream kitchen it doesn’t have cabinets. I would like to have kitchen counters with nothing over the top. Also, I am not that tall and I am so tired of having to use step stools to get beyond the first shelf. What’s the point? I think one large pantry for food and everyday items is ideal. That way there are no cabinets, and everything can be put where I want in order of how I need to reach it. Here are a few pantries I’ve been loving lately:


Jordan shared her pantry renovation recently and it is awesome. I love her storage solutions (glass jars!) and the clean look of white tile. (Photo via Oh Happy Day)


I’ve always loved Nigella’s pantry. There is barely any rhyme or reason and the shelves are all easy to reach! Plus, the twinkle lights are a fun touch. It gives a little quirk to a completely no-frills space which is exactly what I want.


My friend Peggy’s old pantry in Charleston is still one of my favorites. It is full of just about everything you could ever want. The shelves go a little high for me, but you can fit SO much in there.

Amanda Hesser Pantry

Amanda Hesser has the coolest pantry at her home in Brooklyn. Though the shelves are high there is a sturdy ladder. I also love the shelves above and drawers below. You can store pretty much everything. (Photo via The Kitchn)

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