July 28, 2014

Instagram: Martha’s Vineyard

Vineyard Haven Harbor

We had so much fun on Martha’s Vineyard last week. The island was just as wonderful as it always is. Traveling with two kids is always a bit of a circus, especially since our little guy caught a bad cold, but it was so nice to get away. Here are some instagram shots if you’d like to see:

Martha's Vineyard | Naptime Chef

Our house came equipped with a shellfish regulations poster. They used to hand this out at Town Hall, but don’t anymore. I love that this simple poster is now a kind of island heirloom.

Vineyard Haven Sunrise

On our first day my little guy woke me up at 5:15am (!!!) Early mornings are his thing this summer. We went to watch the sunrise in Vineyard Haven Harbor.

South Road


Susie's Farm

Then we drove by Susie’s farm but didn’t stop to wake her up for eggs (or no eggs??). (Note: we stopped by later in the week.) We also had a little up-island photo safari. Despite the hour, it was a treat to see the island early in the morning. The scenery was so peaceful and calming.

Black Dog

The Black Dog finally opened at 7am and we selected a half dozen donuts to bring home to the rest of the gang. My personal favorite are their cinnamon twists.


Our favorite beach of vacation was Tashmoo. My daughter had a blast catching crabs in the rocks and giving them all names. Don’t worry, we always let them go at the end of the day.


Menemsha Picnic

One night we went to Menemsha and got take-out from Homeport. I worked there in the summer of ’96 so it holds a special place in my heart. We set up a huge picnic blanket on Menemsha beach and watched the sunset while we ate fried seafood-everything.

Bunch of Grapes

Artichoke Candles

The Beach House

I did a little window shopping around Vineyard Haven and became obsessed with these artichoke candles at Rainy Day. Am so bummed I didn’t buy them. I also stopped by Bunch of Grapes for a long browse. It is one of my favorite independent bookstores of all time. The Beach House had the prettiest selection of tables linens and quilts. I wanted to buy one for each room in my house!

State Road Restaurant

One evening my in-laws babysat and my husband and I had date night at State Road Restaurant. It was amazing! I loved how we started out sipping rose in the restaurant herb garden that was lit up with lanterns as the sun set.

Fiddlehead Farm

Fiddlehead Farm is one of my favorite farmstands on the island. We stopped by to browse their shop and picked up tons of great produce for dinner at home one evening. (Recipes coming soon!)


And, of course, there was the night of lemon butter with a side of lobster.


We had amazing weather which meant not much down time. However, we still managed to plow through one of our family traveling obsessions: puzzles. The tougher the better!

The Alabama

Our last night we made our favorite grilled swordfish dinner. This is usually the only time of year I eat it. It was amazing, as always.


Then we waved good-bye from the ferry. See you next year!