July 23, 2014

Talenti Gelato for National Ice Cream Month

Talenti Gelato

Earlier this week Talenti Gelato sent me the most ah-mazing care package. I’ve always loved their brand but it seemed particularly fitting to get a gigantic box of it during National Ice Cream Month. It also came during one of our hottest months which means we are eating ice cream left and right. Yes, I’ve even considered serving it for dinner and skipping the healthy stuff altogether. Here are a few ways we’ve been enjoying it:

Lemon Sorbet

The first thing I tried when I opened the box was the Lisbon Lemon Sorbet. The box came at 10am. I considered it my after breakfast palate cleanser. Delicious.

Ice Cream Sandwich

My daughter is no fool and quickly cornered the Sea Salt Caramel. She scooped it between two thick cookies (one chocolate, one peanut butter) and made the coolest ice cream sandwich known to man. I am such a good mom that I didn’t even make her share.


My husband is a big believer in sauces on ice cream. He went whole hog with the Fudge Brownie and topped it with caramel sauce, and hot fudge. He ran several miles the next day.

Gelato Variety Bowl

I made a variety bowl of Mango, Tahitian Vanilla Bean, and Caramel Apple Pie for my son. Then I set the bowl on the plastic picnic table, stripped off his clothes, and handed him a spoon he barely knows how to use. It was a messy as I anticipated and he loved every last bite. Good thing the table, and the baby, can be hosed off.

Talentin Double Dark Chocolate

Naturally, at the end there is always the sheer brilliance of opening a jar of Double Dark Chocolate and just inserting a spoon. Need I say more?


(Disclosure:  I was sent samples of Talenti Gelato to review but was not compensated for this post. I love this brand and hope you do too!)