August 12, 2014

Summer Classics to Play Over and Over

Every summer I fold a new selection of recipes into my repertoire. But I also spend a lot of time revisiting old favorites. It is kind of like that saying “make new friends but keep the old.” I spend all winter looking forward to our summer classics just as much as do trying new recipes. Here are some of the tried-and-true family favorites I’ve been making this summer. They deserve another go ’round in the spotlight in case you missed them the first time:

Arugula Salad with Roasted Tomatoes

Salads: Grilled Peach and Blue Cheese Salad, Couscous Salad with Blue Cheese and Scallions, Arugula Salad with Roasted Tomatoes, My Big Fat French Salad, Watermelon Goat Cheese Salad

Grilled Asparagus

Vegetable Dishes: Raw Tomato Sauce, Summer Zucchini Bites, Roasted Eggplant and Goat Cheese with Tomatoes, Roasted Tomato and Basil Soup, Tomato Pie, Parmesan Grilled Asparagus

Uncle Wills Burgers

Grilled Food: Lemon Rosemary Grilled Chicken, Blue Cheese & Bacon Burgers, Uncle Will’s Burgers, Pesto Grilled Chicken

Chocolate Zucchini Bundt Cake

Desserts: Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp, Rhubarb Almond Cake, Rhubarb Hazelnut Oatmeal Squares, Peach Almond Galette, Chocolate Zucchini Bundt Cake

Merrill's Strawberry Jam

Jams: Blueberry Pie Filling, Eternal Summer Apricot Jam, Merrill’s Strawberry Jam, Rhubarb Lavender Jam,

Roasted Peach Lemonade

Beverages: Roasted Peach Lemonade, Roasted Strawberry Lemonade, Raspberry Wine Slushie, South African Summer Wines

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