December 22, 2014

Home for the Holidays!

Naptime Chef

Dear Friends, I am taking the rest of the week off to spend with my family. Rest assured, I’ll be cooking up a storm and documenting it on Instagram. Come on over if you’d like to see! We’ve covered a lot of ground this month and it is has been so much fun. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as well. I’ll be back next week with a few quick New Year’s Eve ideas. Then, we’ll resume naptime cooking full force Jan. 5th. I hope you all get the chance to dial back your commitments this week to spend some time, maybe even in the kitchen, with your loved ones.

Here are some of my favorite holiday foods. They include Christmas cookies, festive meal ideas, and more!

And if you are a super duper last minute shopper here are my holiday gift guides one more time!

Lastly, I was thrilled to see my soup featured on Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution as part of the 52 New Foods Challenge. Thanks, JOFR and Jennifer Tyler Lee

(Above card designed by PVE Design, it was attached to a jar of my friend Barbara’s signature Meyer Lemon Marmalade. Barbara makes it with the lemons she grows in her yard! Such a fabulous homemade gift to look forward to every year.)

2 Responses to “Home for the Holidays!”

  1. Patricia van Essche says:

    Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday!
    Thanks for sharing my artwork.