April 2, 2015

Garden Idea File #3: Inspiration from Bunny Williams

Bunny Williams Garden Inspiration | The Naptime Chef

Just a couple of weeks ago there was still so much snow in our yard I honestly didn’t think I’d ever see the grass again; let alone a blooming rose or single lilac. But! We are slowly but surely turning the corner weather-wise. The snow has melted and I am excited to say that we are finally making big plans for our garden this year. Last year we focused on returning the grass to health, chasing out vermin and trapping a large groundhog that resided under the porch, and experimenting with vegetables in our new raised bed. I carefully studied the sun and shade patterns on our property and worked hard at digging out old vines and stubborn weeds once and for all.

It was a steep learning curve but the knowledge I am starting with this season is incredibly helpful. I’ve started mapping out a plan for flowers and shrubs that will work well in our climate based on the light and heat we get from May through October. This week I even started flipping through my favorite gardening books for inspiration and have added a new one to the mix: Bunny Williams: On Garden Style.

This tome is reissue of an earlier version of the book from 1998 and is a treasure for any gardener. It is part aspirational, part practical, and all eye candy. While I don’t have nearly the kind of estate like the ones in this book there are still many ideas I can apply to our yard.

Bunny Williams Garden Inspiration | The Naptime Chef

Lavender does really well in our area because it can endure the heat and minimal rainfall in the summer. It also attracts bumble bees and butterflies, both hallmarks of a healthy garden. So far our lavender has been doing well and I even dried some for Christmas gifts. I love Bunny’s idea of using it to line paths in big, voluptuous bunches.

Bunny Williams 2

We have several huge heavy flower pots and this year I plan to place them around the yard (I will have to roll them) and plant them full of bushy plants and flowers. I love Bunny’s suggestion that pots around a garden create height and visual interest. It is really so easy to do! Plus, it gives you the flexibility of changing the plants from year to year. Bunny Williams 3

We are working on our outdoor living space this year. The kids have plenty of toys but the grown-ups need a place to relax! Bunny has some great suggestions for the best ways to incorporate some casual comfy seating into a thriving garden. Bunny Williams Garden Inspiration | The Naptime Chef

This incredibly intricate boxwood will be filed under “aspirational.” It knocks my socks off but definitely won’t happen in my yard anytime soon. I love it though. Bunny really knows how to find some incredible garden treasures. Bunny Williams 5

One of my favorite ideas about garden design is the idea making rooms with plants. We have a traditional rectangular yard but I could still make “rooms” in different sections. I am working on planting flowers of varying heights and colors in different parts of the yard. We also have a little rose garden which is thriving and will continue to grow and climb.

I can’t wait to show you more of my garden this summer. It won’t be completely filled in for at least another two or three years, but we are off to a great start!

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  1. Christina C says:

    I can’t wait for my spring bulbs to come up (tulips, daffodils, alliums, crocuses, grape hyacinths, and irises!

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  3. miranda says:

    looking forward to our apples

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  5. Mel says:

    I am so looking forward to my vegetable garden. It is all organic. This is going to be the third year I have grown things in my raised garden. I miss all the fresh produce, especially the tomatoes & the herbs…Can’t wait!!! 🙂