May 21, 2015

Spring Favorites 2015

Naptime Chef Spring Favorites

I am going to be taking a little break for the rest of the month and will be back in June. It has been a whirlwind few weeks and I need to stop and catch my breath. I can’t thank you enough for all of the wonderful support regarding the new book and the book tour. I plan to set up a fall tour over the summer so stay tuned for more dates. In the mean time, don’t forget the June 4th signing in Concord, Massachusetts at JMcLaughlin!

Naptime Chef Massachussets

Here are a few of my recent favorites from around the web for some fun reading while I am out!

The Reed is now open. Perfect for adventurers like me.

РI just bought a case of my favorite DMZ ros̩ to get ready for summer.

Natalie’s new book is fantastic. Wise, funny, insightful, downright cozy. Highly recommend.

– Plan on wearing this top in light blue with white jeans and pretty sandals all summer long.

– We’ve traveled to Harbour Island a few times and this book brings back so many memories.

– A beautiful set of paper notecards based on a cookbook I love.

Ashley’s post makes me want to go straight back to California.

– One of Gray’s photographs is on my art wishlist.

Zesty Herbed Popcorn makes a great snack!

– Love these pajamas for kids.

– As someone with a history of back problems I am especially appreciating Phoebe’s series this month.

– Hands down the best tee shirts for summer.

SO happy for Erin!

– This is a gorgeous pot. I would fill it with lots of fresh basil or lemon verbena.

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