July 30, 2015

Ristorante Pizza on the Grill for Date Night In

Oetker Ristorante Pizza | The Naptime Chef

My husband and I love to go out to dinner, just the two of us, when time allows. Our weekdays are so busy and scattered it is rare that we have a lot of time together to chat and decompress. However, sometimes our usual date night agenda of dinner and a walk around town is thwarted by the lack of a babysitter or a sick child who needs our attention. On these nights, we throw ourselves date night at home. We get the kids to sleep, fire up the grill, and have a date on the back porch.

Oetker Ristorante Pizza | The Naptime Chef One of the purposes of date night is to give me a break from cooking, which is why I like to buy dinner straight from the store. The other day I picked up Ristorante Pepperoni Pesto by Dr. Oetker Pizza. You can find these yummy pizzas at your local supermarket. (If they don’t currently sell Ristorante, you can put in a request with the store manager.) I love them because they taste just like the gourmet pizzas we get at our local high-end pizzeria.

Oetker Ristorante Pizza | The Naptime Chef

For a little fun, and since we really wanted to enjoy the warm evening, we fired up the grill to cook it. I love how the charcoals give it a truly authentic pizzeria-style flavor. We heated the grill to 500 degrees F, brushed the grill grate with a little olive oil, and placed the frozen pizza directly on top. Then we covered the grill and in 10 minutes the cheese was hot and bubbly just like it had been a real wood-fired pizza oven. Perfection!


With a glass of wine and some tunes on the speaker, we had the perfect outdoor date night for summer.

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