March 24, 2016

5 Spring Kitchen Cleaning Tips for Kids


There is nothing I love more than a good spring cleaning. With a little bit of time and some elbow grease it doesn’t take long for any given space in my house to go from drab and wintery, to bright and fresh. Since I cook so frequently and we eat in our kitchen I am always especially conscious of cleaning the kitchen the minute it is warm enough to open the windows. We wipe down the shelves, clean out the fridge, and clear away any leftover clutter from winter.

These days I even enlist my children to help me since I live by the motto from my favorite handbook, “If you have children, you have helpers!” Getting them involved not only helps me, but creates a collective sense of responsibility for maintaining our living space. It is important for them to do their part in keeping our home spic and span. Here are a few ways I get them involved:

5 Spring Cleaning Tips | The Naptime Chef 1. No task is too small: Expecting a pre-schooler to wipe down high shelves is unreasonable. However, asking them to cleaning the bar stools or refrigerator handles is not. Start with a job you know they can handle, no matter how small. They’ll be gratified by their ability to complete the task and it will help you toward your end goal of a clean kitchen.


2. Use a guide: My grade-school age daughter is completely capable of handling a list of tasks. This means she tackles several small-ish things while I take on one big thing, like cleaning the fridge. Create a checklist together, walk your child through each chore, and let them work their way through the checklist, crossing out each task as they go. I like to give her Viva® Vantage® towels because their scrubby texture makes it easy for her to get stubborn bits of dried food off the countertop and stovetop. Then she uses smooth Viva® towels to polish the stainless steel appliances.

5 Spring Cleaning Tips | The Naptime Chef 3. Centralize Supplies: I like to collect all the cleaning supplies we’ll be using in one caddy and keeping it centrally located in the kitchen as we go. This way the kids have what they need and I am not scrambling around in the basement looking for supplies. After the cleaning is over I put the caddy on a high shelf in our basement so it is safely stored away from kids and animals until we need it next.


4. Restock and Organize: Spring cleaning doesn’t just involve wiping down countertops and cleaning the oven. It also means restocking the cleaning supply caddy and shelves of paper products with all of our essentials. I particularly love to head to Wal-Mart for all their great deals on Viva®, Cottonelle®, and Scott® products. They are my favorites for cleaning and the prices can’t be beat! I love seeing all my favorite supplies filled to the brim and ready for me to grab at a moment’s notice like when there is a food spill, or the dog tracks mud into the house. I also make sure our upstairs and downstairs closets are stocked with Cottonelle® since someone in our house just started potty training and the ripply texture helps me keep his little bum clean!


5. Make it fun!: Yes, spring cleaning is a chore. But it doesn’t have to be a drag. Set aside a special time so the kids aren’t missing any of their favorite activities, pump up the music, and let loose. Once the kitchen is clean and sparkling they’ll be so proud of a job well done and you’ll have a sparkling and tidy space to kick-off the new season.

5 Spring Cleaning Tips | The Naptime Chef

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