May 25, 2017

Dinner Chez Moi with Elizabeth Bard + Giveaway!

Dinner Chez Moi | The Naptime Chef

Every time I learn that Elizabeth Bard is coming out with a new book I pre-order it immediately and wait, very impatiently, for it to arrive. You see, I adore her first two memoirs and cook from them all the time. I basically wish she would write a new book every quarter to fuel my ongoing fascination with French food and life. Though I am well aware that is unlikely to happen, so far she seems to be publishing delightful new books every two years and this year happened to be one of them! Dinner Chez Moi: 50 French Secrets to Joyful Eating is her latest inspirational book that is part memoir/part French recipes. It features beautiful watercolors of ingredients and Provence and in it she shares all sorts of lovely recipes and tidbits about life in France.

Recently I had a fun chat with Elizabeth, here it is!:

1) A cookbook! I love how this book is a cookbook with memories scattered throughout. It is a nice supplement to your memoirs. How did the idea for this book come to be?

With Dinner Chez Moi, I wanted to create a sort of mini-reference book – a synthesis of everything I’ve learned about French cooking and eating habits over the past 15 years. So now, Lunch in Paris and Picnic in Provence can stay on the bedside table, and Dinner Chez Moi can handle all the sticky fingers chocolate stains in the kitchen!

2) I love the range of recipes in this book. It is everything from the simplest of teas to a long pork roast and everything in between. How did you decide what to include and what to leave out?

I wanted Dinner Chez Moi to be a tour of my French kitchen – the majority of recipes are part of my weekly menu planning – lentils, yogurt cake, the chickpea and fresh herb salad, cherry tomato pasta and Provencal risotto are things I return to again and again. I make soup in all seasons, and cheap braising cuts have become a beloved part of my winter cooking. I wanted to include some of my go-to entertaining recipes as well – the lamb and apricot tagine and the Fondant au Chocolat are great make ahead options.

Dinner Chez Moi | The Naptime Chef

3) The French way of cooking and eating is world renowned. What are some your favorite everyday food habits you’ve picked up since you’ve lived there.

I try hard not to eat between meals – the French don’t snack; they know that the niggling hunger you feel before a meal is a good thing – foreplay rather than deprivation. It means your body is really ready to appreciate your next meal. Herbal tea (mint or lemon verbena are my favorites) has become a big part of my daily ritual. A cup after meals (sometimes with a square of dark chocolate!) seems to tell my body the kitchen is closed!

Dinner Chez Moi | The Naptime Chef

4) I have to ask – when will there be a Scaramouche Ice Cream cookbook? I need to visit Paris to try it! But, since I can’t go there regularly I’m hoping you can come up with a book for us!!

You’re not the first to ask! I would need to find a great photographer to come out and visit with all our local producers, and I would need to find a way to make it easy for the home cook to get the same satisfying results with widely available ingredients. And yes, I have thought about doing ice-cream classes here in Provence – but right now, our lab is busy 7 days a week making ice cream! I’ll keep you posted!

Dinner Chez Moi | The Naptime Chef

5) Do you have plans for another memoir? I know a lot of us are routing for that. That, or a travel business so we can spend a few days cooking and eating with you in Provence! Let us know what is up your sleeve! 🙂

I have thought about another memoir with recipes – I feel like our early 40’s are an interesting time for women. We are all re-evaluating: What do we want now? How do you change your life when you no longer have your whole life ahead of you? I’ve also started thinking differently about food and health. As my body changes, I’ve adapted the way I cook – food is a part of how I manage my mood, big doses of sugar tend to give me migraines these days, part of the French secret to not being desperately hungry between meals is eating satisfying whole foods at meal times. New recipes continue to be a part of how I structure and figure out my life, and I love sharing that with my readers!

Thank you, Elizabeth!

To enter to win a copy of Dinner Chez Moi:

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  2. Contest runs from May 25th at 7:00am to June 1st at 7:00am. Winner will be announce din the June 2nd newsletter. Good luck!

3 Responses to “Dinner Chez Moi with Elizabeth Bard + Giveaway!”

  1. Annette says:

    My favorite French meal is Coq Au Vin and creme brulee.

  2. clp412 says:

    I am a huge fan of making Crepes. I think they are so versatile and can be made to order for people at a gathering or served with fruit, chocolate, nutella and many more things. We have a fabulous French bakery in town and their chicken caesar salad with homemade dressing and french onion soup is AMAZING!

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