January 16, 2018

Warm Winter Corn Chowder

Warm Winter Corn Chowder

(Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Skim Plus Milk. It’s a brand we love and the opinions and photographs are entirely my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make The Naptime Chef possible.)

This new year started off with a wintery bang – a bomb cyclone storm followed by frigid temperatures. Being from Cooperstown, I am no stranger to crazy cold and snow, but it is always a little jarring to readjust to winter when it comes on so fast. In the kitchen, this means breaking out my cold weather cooking repertoire and bringing on the hearty stick-to-your-ribs food we all love.

One of the comfort classics in our house is corn chowder. We love its warm, creamy texture and rich flavor. It definitely warms you up, even down to the tips of your toes! I can vouch for this because last week, I ate it immediately after I shoveled snow in four-degree Fahrenheit weather. If there is any time you want warm food, it’s then!

The word “chowder” can strike fear into the heart of many foodies because it brings up images of heavy cream and calorie counts, but I lighten mine up – without sacrificing flavor – by using Skim Plus Milk and Skim Plus Half & Half. Not only does it give this dish the hallmark creamy texture of a classic chowder, it also adds protein and calcium benefits. Skim Plus actually has 37% more protein than whole milk and 34% more calcium than whole milk. It really is a win-win.

Warm Winter Corn Chowder

The results are very creamy and delicious. In fact, the next day I added a fresh splash before I reheated the chowder, to give it a little lift.

This recipe makes a nice big batch and is perfect for sending to school in thermoses or the like. We ate it for dinner one day, and lunch the next—the perfect solution for me since the weather gods decided we really needed two snow days in a row immediately after vacation. At least we had two meals covered!

I’ll be making this again throughout the winter, for sure. If you want to add some meat, try a little ham or bacon, or even shredded chicken. You really can’t go wrong once you’ve got the technique down. Enjoy!

Slow-Cooker Corn Chowder

Makes 6 to 8 servings


1 pound small potatoes, cut into 1-inch cubes

1 small onion, finely chopped

24 ounces frozen corn kernels

32 ounces low-sodium chicken broth

1 teaspoon kosher salt, and more to taste

½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

1 cup Skim Plus Milk

1 cup Skim Plus Half & Half


  1. Add the first 6 ingredients to the bowl of a 4-quart slow-cooker and cook on low for 5 hours. Then add the milk and half & half and cook for 1 more hour. The potatoes should be soft enough that they can be speared easily with a fork.
  2. Serve the chowder piping hot and with crackers or bread on the side for dipping.
  3. The chowder will thicken as it cools. Add more Skim Plus Milk or Half & Half prior to reheating to achieve the desired consistency you prefer.

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  1. Gina | Running to the Kitchen says:

    What a cozy, comforting meal! Love it!

  2. This looks so good!