August 30, 2011

Naptime Summer Travel Wrap-Up {Naptime on the Road}

This summer has been pretty low-key. We’ve been traveling to our usual haunts, trying out new recipes and enjoying the slower pace of the season. Work-wise I’ve been spending a lot of time editing the manuscript, revising the layouts (which look awesome) and getting down to the nitty gritty. It has been a blast and I truly can’t wait until Spring 2012 to show you the final product. In the mean time, next month I have a newly redesigned website so share with you. It contains everything you see here, plus much, much more. You could say this summer I’ve been fine-tuning behind the scenes and everything will roll out this fall and winter.

Since I’ve written about our favorite Northeastern vacation spots before I thought I would share links to old posts and tidbits about what we’ve been up to as a little wrap-up for the season


Lagoon Pond, Martha's Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard {travel series, here} was our destination for the 4th of July. We ate at our favorite seafood shack, grilled swordfish and had tons of boat picnics. We also ate at Saltwater for date night, it is now our newest favorite island restaurant. Highly recommend!

Sag Harbor

A farm in Sag Harbor, New York

I visited some friends in Sag Harbor {travel series here} in mid-July and was reminded of how much we loved the town. We didn’t make it last summer and I missed it. This year we took the kids to Goat on a Boat Theater company and they loved it. It is a terrific kids activity! We had lunch at our local fave, Dockside at The American Legion, and enjoyed ice cream at several great stands. This trip we managed to make it to Tate’s Bake Shop – the actual location in Southampton – and it was just as incredible as you might imagine.

Lake Otsego

Lake Otsego, Cooperstown

The majority of August was happily spent in Cooperstown {travel series here}. Here are took some time to write about Work/Life/Kid Balance, teach my daughter to ride her bike without training wheels (we are getting there) and eat lots of fresh vegetables from the farmer’s market.

Savor New York

Savor New York, Cooperstown

We are getting back into school mode now and I am focusing on stocking my freezer and pantry with some fall essentials. I also plan to can some late summer produce in the next couple of weeks. I simply must preserve all of the delicious flavors of this summer!

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  1. Maryann K Dietz says:

    Kel – I was looking for the sky blue noodle in the picture of Lake Otsego!  Come back soon!

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