November 28, 2011

Holiday Cookie Week: Freckled Espresso Shortbread Coins & HUGE Baking Package Giveaway {Naptime Simple Tips}

Espresso Shortbread

Welcome to Naptime Chef Holiday Cookie Week! I am a huge fan of baking holiday cookies and I know I am not the only one. This week I want to hear all about your naptime cookie baking. Are you working with tried and true recipes? Experimenting with new ones? Do share! Of course, no Naptime Chef theme week would be complete without a great giveaway package. Today I have loads of goodies you will love for your holiday baking!

Stampin' Up

To keep this challenge fun I encourage you to post pictures of your holiday cookies or tell us about it on Twitter (tag @TheNaptimeChef) or by tagging The Naptime Chef Facebook fanpage. If you do this, you’ll get extra entries to win the awesome giveaway. I also hope you’ll join my group Pinterest Board Titled “Project #12: Holiday Cookies!” and pin up some of your favorite cookie recipes!

Here are the awesome surprises in my giveaway:

1. Cookies for Kids’ Cancer Cookbook

2. “Be a Good Cookie” Cookie Spatula

3. Aerobie Aeropress Coffee/Espresso Maker (make espresso for your shortbread!)

4. Stampin’ Up Cookie Stamps with homemade gift packaging (including cardboard gift boxes, bakers twine, decorative paper punch, cardboard, rubber stamp with ink, cookie press with 3 decorative presses)


I should mention the I used the cool stampin’ up cookie presses to make the cute snowflake on the top of my espresso shortbread cookies. I also used the great gift boxes, twine and paper punch to make the packaging in the above photograph.

If you want to become one of my official blogging sponsors write a post about your favorite pumpkin recipe and link to this post on your blog. I’ll include a list of sponsors in my daily posts as well as in my weekly newsletter. Last but not least, check out the official rules below and tune back in here every day this week. Yes, I’ll be posting EVERY DAY and will even have an extra special guest post from a friend and food blogger – you don’t want to miss a single thing!

Rules for Holiday Cookie Week Giveaway:

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Espresso Shortbread Coins with Dark Chocolate Freckles


3 sticks unsalted butter, room temperature
1 cup confectioners’ sugar
3 cups all-purpose flour
¼ cup freshly brewed espresso
½ teaspoon Kosher salt
1 cup finely chopped dark chocolate


1. In an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment cream the butter, and sugar until light and fluffy. Reduce the mixer to low speed and add the fresh espresso. Then, spoon in the flour and salt, mixing just until the dough forms. Stir in the chocolate freckles until just evenly incorporated. Remove the dough from the bowl and wrap it in plastic wrap and chill it for at least 3 hours.

2. Preheat the oven to 325ºF. Remove the dough from the refrigerator and place it on a lightly floured surface. Use a rolling pin to roll it out to 1/8″ thickness then cut into circles with cookie or biscuit cutters. Then use a cookie stamp to stamp the desired pattern on top of the cookie. Place the shapes on a lined cookie sheet and bake for about 20 minutes, or until the edges are lightly golden brown. Cool completely on a wire rack before serving.

Naptime Notes

Naptime Recipe Serving ideas

As you can see, I placed four cookies per cardboard box and handed them to friends. These would make AWESOME holiday gifts and would be fun for kids to do for their friends as well.

Naptime Stopwatch

10 minutes prep time, 20 minutes bake time


Naptime Reviews

My daughter was not a huge fan of the espresso taste, but the adults loved them!


*Some of the giveaway items generously donated by Aerobie Coffee Makers and Stampin’ Up.

59 Responses to “Holiday Cookie Week: Freckled Espresso Shortbread Coins & HUGE Baking Package Giveaway {Naptime Simple Tips}”

  1. Sarah H.P. says:

    I’ll be baking quite a few cookie recipes over the next few weeks! Chocolate crinkle cookies and butter cookies for sure!

  2. Ellie A says:

    One fav. around here is Choc. Chip Stuffed Oreo cookies (YES only for the Holidays) because those are WICKED rich 🙂 My Boys Teachers requested them already!  🙂

  3. Erin Cochrane says:

    I am making rolo cookies and eggnog cookies for xmas this year 🙂

  4. Erin Cochrane says:

    I am a facebook fan.

  5. Amy says:

    I make coffee toffee bars and peanut butter blossoms every Christmas. But I prefer the Cherry blossoms.

  6. ilona t says:

    i make caramel macchioto cookies

  7. ilona t says:

    i subscribe to your newsletter

  8. ilona t says:

    im a fan on facebook

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  10. foodwanderings says:

    Your cookies look amazing. In recent years I joined the ranks of holiday cookie baking though wanted to years before. Recently been crazed for Mexican wedding ones.

  11. Jwhite says:

    I am still deciding on my official cookie treats for the season – but already have requests for homemade marshmallows, peanut butter balls and “nana’s” fudge. I think I’ll do gingerbread men and some white-chocolate-pecans-candied cranberry cookies too. Loving getting inspiration from your great blog!

  12. shalo says:

    This season I’ll be baking a traditional cookie for my family and one that’s a secret family recipe.  My hubby likes my oatmeal cookie and I’ve been perfecting the recipe for just over a year now, but i still think it needs work.  The other is a mint chocolate cookie that my mom makes.  Its the only cookie that doesn’t last more than two days in the house before its all gone.

  13. Nikki says:

    I am looking fOrward to making fennel pistachio cookies
    ! They’re so good!

  14. I’ll be baking peanut butter cookies.  It’s a favorite. 

  15. I’m already subscribed to the Naptime Chef newsletter

  16. I’m already a fan of the Naptime Chef on facebook

  17. I’m following you on Stumble Upon and stumbled this post

  18. Denise B says:

    Sugar cookies, chocolate chip.

  19. Miranda says:

    Love making peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips.

  20. Genevieve says:

    My sister and I will be making biscotti to give to everyone in our lab – we always do cranberry-pistachio biscotti. My other holiday cookie favourites are soft ginger cookies and cranberry shortbread bars!

  21. Genevieve says:

    I just liked you on facebook and subscribed to the newsletter too!

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  24. Carolyn Mccambridge says:

    My two year old and I have sugar cookies chilling as we speak. My all time favorite has to be peanut butter blossoms!

  25. Carolyn Mccambridge says:

    I am a fan on Facebook!

  26. Carolyn Mccambridge says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter

  27. Robin Whiting says:

    I’m baking peanut butter kisses and chocolate and reeses peanut butter cup cookies!

  28. Robin Whiting says:

    I subscribe to the Naptime Chef

  29. Robin Whiting says:

    I’m a fan on Facebook.

  30. These cookies look wonderful!  I’m planning on making speculaas and springerle cookies, as well as some more traditional ones, like Mexican Wedding cake cookies 🙂

  31. I subscribe to The Naptime Chef!

  32. I’m also a fan on Fb (as pão e queijo blog).

  33. Janine says:

    I am making fudge and Mexican Wedding Cookies too!

  34. Jwhite says:

    I’m making my list now, but I think I’m making my mom’s sugar cookies, my nana’s fudge, some peanut butter balls and your peppermint brownies. Yummy!

  35. Jodi C. says:

    Snickerdoodles, Holiday M & M chocolate cookies (my kids’ favorite), and praline cookies.  Chocolate toffee and praline fudge, too!

  36. Susitravl says:

    My family’s favorite cookie at any time of the year is “Lunchbox Crunch” from an old Pillsbury cookbook.  They have cornflakes and are not overly sweet. Wish I had one right now!

  37. Susitravl says:

    I am a subscriber

  38. Susitravl says:

    Like you on FB

  39. cmh512 says:

    “Happy Holidays!”  I am baking Cran-Raisin Oatmeal Cookies, Chocolate Chunk Cookies,
    Butter Cookies and your Espresso Chocolate Coin Cookies for starters…
    Many thanks,  Cindi

  40. cmh512 says:

    I am an email subscriber of yours!
    Again, many thanks…

  41. cmh512 says:

    I “Like” The Naptime Chef on Facebook…
    Thanks bunches!
    Cindi Hoppes

  42. I baked chocolate chocolate chip cookies! 

  43. I am subscribed to your newsletter

  44. cmh512 says:

    I follow you on StumbleUpon and Stumbled your giveaway!
    Thanks very much…Cindi

  45. Stephanie says:

    Oh man! I haven’t decided. I think for new recipes I may try brandy snaps and some liqueur truffles.

  46. Stephanie says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter!

  47. Tengberg says:

    I’ll be baking Stollen first, and then later, Double Ginger Snaps. Right before Christmas, we’ll do our traditional butter cookies with my Aunt Nancy. 

  48. I will probably make some gingerbread men for a party and maybe some Mexican wedding cakes and raspberry kisses, two cookies my mom always makes.

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  51. Marla says:

    Love cookie week! That press looks like fun.

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